23 August 2013

Haiku my Heart♥ Lisa Wright

She dances with words
flirts with colors and pixies
She enchants them all.

Lisa Wright is a long-time friend of mine,
she works as a writer and an artist.
And hers is the Art Journal I have this month.
Her color is rust
and I took it as an element
an aging process
and yet all the more beautiful for it.
(click the pictures)

the front 'cover'

I had a lot of fun
and tried a few experiments too.
Now the book is on its way
to the UK.

You can look back babe
but it's best not to stare.
~Tom Petty

Happy Weekend,
and Love,
Loving-ly linked to Rebecca♥ Haiku my Heart


  1. I love the haiku. Words, enchanting them all. Clever use of words yourself. I took a quick glimpse of Ms. Wright's blog. I'll have to get back to it. I really like her drawings. Petty's lyrics are fantastic. So different when printed and read rather than hearing them sung. Please stay in touch.


  2. Wonderful haiku ...'love the line...'she dances with words' ~ great visuals in your haiku ~ beautiful ~ thanks, carol, xo

  3. Great quote "If you don't run you rust."
    Also loving your haiku
    she dances with words and flirts with colors
    Fantastic addition to Lisa's journal.

  4. you are such an artiste and you are friends with others equally talented! I am enamored with such beauty in abundance.

  5. Enchanting!!!
    I am NOT gonna get rusty!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Flirters are filled with enchantments, aren't they?

    My Lady Wisdom

  7. Oh my you should see the grin my face right now! You have made me so happy my dear friend and inspiration. I can't wait to hold these pages in my hands and flirt with the words and pictures! Thank you xxxxx

  8. Fabulous art and thought-provoking words. Love the rusty colours you've created and the worn, textured look of the background behind the angel (this is probably bad etiquette to say, but I am secretly hoping that you include one of your angels in my journal - though no pressure ha ha!) The book page is perfect for Lisa and you know how much I love your little secret pockets! Can't wait to admire it in person! x

  9. The haiku is perfection for Lisa! As for my even-more-favorite part ~ the pages ~ such beauty and feeling has gone into their creation...they are wonderful! I love your spiritual images. My only sadness is that, the book having passed by me already, I won't see your beautiful art in person. I love the Tom Petty quote ~ so true!
    Maggie ♥♥

  10. How I love art journals, even though I don't have the patience to do one. I've tried, but with little or no success. Oh well, the good Lord gave us each our talent and mine isn't art journals! LOL You addition is so lovely and the haiku is equally lovely. I need to run over to Rebecca's and check out to see what is happening over there. I've been absent from blogging for quite a while now, but the skies are slowly clearing up and my vistas are once again peaking out of the clouds, so I should be around more often.

    Have a wonderful weekend and take care.


  11. You two Lisas... have enchanted me indeed! I love what you did, and how your haiku fits your friends creative spirit so well, it is a lovely snap-shot of her! And I too love the Tom Petty quote... I think I stare a little too much backwards, so well said... I can look but not stare. Love it! And I love rust... and the keep moving... yes, moving forward without staring... that is a good thing to do! XO

  12. Wow! Fabulous colors and wonderful words! The pockets are clever with the hands and the angel is like icing on the cake! Lisa's going to love it!

  13. How lovely for you and Lisa to work on the same journal, I know Lisa's work and your haiku description fits well....

    Have a lovely week.x

  14. I'm just now getting around to see what you've been up to and WOW this is gorgeous! I love the words you chose, the quotes, and as always; THE ART you created- this is fabUlous and I know Lisa will love it! I just wish I were going to see it in person...

  15. Rust filled inspiration gloriously realised in these beautiful pages that Lisa will treasure!! I absolutely LOVE "The Woman Who Writes" - so special in its wording, inclusion in these gorgeous creative pages and because its from your Nani's book! My Mum took my Nan's collection of old books to the charity shop with a bunch of other stuff by accident and by the time I asked her where the box had gone it was too late - as a book/word/writing/story obsessed lady who adored her Nana - I was devastated. I just hope they've gone to a good home and are being loved. Anyway, sniff sniff, these pages are perfect for Lisa with their honouring of art, writing and womanhood. Your painting talent & creative, textured, tactile beauty of your mixed media creations never fail to leave me in awe and inspired.
    Kat Xx


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