09 August 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

Today I have a found haiku...

Forgotten garden
The art of hearing heartbeats
Prodigal summer

As you can see I have a lot of titles to choose from,
these were just a few stacks from under my bed.
No wonder I don't get more done. :)

The art of hearing heartbeats...
finding sacred hearts.

And meanwhile She waits to be found.

love-ing-ly linked to recuerda mi corazon
for haiku my heart.


  1. That tomato is indeed a beautiful heart, but I must admit, it looks like it would taste mighty good, especially with some extra virgin olive oil drizzled on it and sprinkled with granulated garlic, salt and pepper.
    I need to try that idea of using book titles. I've seen it before and it does make some beautiful "finds". Very nice.


  2. Oh some good titles. ENJOY! Love Kingsolver.
    Have to laugh,
    I have stacks on the floor at my bedside too.

  3. So, when you are asleep in bed, you are literally keeping on top of your reading!

    Fence at Noon

  4. Love your reading selections and love LOVE your beauty with the little shrine at her heart!!!

  5. so many books, so little time.... I loved the forgotten garden but I don't think I have read many of the others, would love to sit and talk about books with you over a glass of wine! wonderful piece in teal too!

  6. i am swept away with mary and her shrine heart!

  7. the page is filled with divine creativity! Wow! love the haiku and the painting is beautiful ~ so filled with love, thanks, carol, xo

  8. A fabulous juicy haiku and post today, Lisa. "The art of hearing heartbeats" is an amazing title, and an art I need to practice more!
    Love your art, awesome One. Love and light to you!

  9. A fabulous and juicy post and haiku today, lovely One.
    The art of hearing heartbeats is an amazing tilted, and an art I need to be practicing more.
    Love and light to you, Amazing One!

  10. I'm so relieved to find I'm not the only one with piles of books scattered around the house! Love Prodigal Summer and your found haiku!

  11. You have the most charming books! I'd love to have a look at the Forgotten Garden and Art of Hearing Heartbeats.


  12. No wonder you come up with such beautiful images after you have digested all the 'love' books! ;~)x

  13. You and I must be hearing the same whispering winds : I am also working on a madonna with a nicho for a heart!! Lovely post

  14. I find it fascinating to read these haiku composed with book titles. I enjoy seeing your "Mary"s.

  15. Thanks for the wonderful list of future reads! :) Glad I'm not the only one with stacks around my bed! Do you read multiple books at once too? I do...try and try to break that habit, but never succeed. Brilliant idea for composing a haiku!

  16. Really nice post. Looks like some good books there. I am anxious to see the finished new Mary.

  17. What a feast your photos and haiku... I love the tomato/sacred heart... and always... to see your paintings means so much to me and is such an inspiration... thank you sweet Lisa. XO

  18. Impossible to live long enough to read all the books we want to read. Sometimes I think I as born with a reading list.

    Your painting is beautiful, Lisa. I especially like how the texture of her scarf creates a touch of lace. So delicate.

  19. Gorgeous painting and soothing colors!! I would surely like to see it when it is finally done and set up!! Painting can be so engrossing that one can loose all sense of time. In the end so very rewarding!!


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