16 August 2013

Haiku my Hearts

She is alone now
with Valentines in August.
Time. It matters not.

Sometimes I make 
myself so happy...

I had an idea for 
making my own little

And I did...and aren't
they neat-o?

I really only needed one...
One that would feel nice in my palm.

One that would fit just perfectly in a certain little niche.

It fits! It really does!

Thank God for little miracles!

Love, Lisa

Loving-ly linked to Rebecca and friends Haiku my Heart


  1. Lisa! love your milagro hearts!! I too am in a milage frame of mind, creating a life size Lady of the Milagros for a Day of the Dead installation!! Will share images in a couple of weeks.

    wonderful inspiration here


  2. Very contemplative haiku and love the photos and wonderful milagros that you have made ~ are you selling any anywhere online? ~ thanks, carol xo

  3. I SO love your little hearts! I collect interesting ones to live in my summerhouse - you have given me much pleasure to see your images and read your words. xx

  4. They are wonderful !!!! And of course it fit perfectly in the shrine, It was just waiting to share its love with the world !
    You sure have lots of beautiful love energy around all you do, Priti One !
    Big love to you !

  5. valentines in august
    gorgeous prayer!
    i am swept away with your nicho heart, holder of prayers and peace.
    counting the days like rosary beads to see your complete reveal on mornings with mary.
    you are the gift.

  6. oh how beautiful in every possible way... and of course it fits, I'm not at all surprised.

  7. Wonderful Lisa Milagro worker.

  8. Oh Lisa! I love these little miracles! These are the most precious of valentines as are you... XO

  9. I love haiku - I've been dabbling for years! The milagro(s) is amazing - fabulous work.

  10. oh my goodness
    I want a heart
    made just by you

  11. This is totally awesome Lisa. I did not know what Milagros are, so I searched. Thanks to your post, I learned some delightful facts about folklore, beliefs, and healing. Did you make all those other little Milagros attached to the painting? Waaaaaaa, I want to see the whole thing! Beautiful Haiku!

  12. This is just a lovely post! You had me at Valentine's in August! Why not!

  13. Neat and what a great idea!! You have made it with so much love, faith and pride!!

  14. I just learned about milagros on a recent trip to San Miguel...lovely!

  15. yes
    ~~Time. It matters not.~~

    you did so good !!
    i heart them all
    seriously ...

    now we are all
    in a Valentine Mood !!

    {{ thank goodness }}

  16. Little sweet bits of perfection! Wonderful heart milagros, moving haiku, charming niche for your heart!

  17. you have venerated the virgin so exquisitely. i love the detail of the heart inside a nicho and all those milagros. truly a work of love.


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