12 August 2013

Mornings with Mary♥

I have a CD I listen to in my studio,
on repeat.
Ave Maria sung by many different artists,
none well-known.
Andrea Bocelli isn't on the CD,
but here he is
singing my most favorite version.

I am not finished yet with my latest masterpiece,
but here is a peek of
 My Lady Lupe.

Remember how wonderful last week was?
this week is going to be even more full of wonder.
For those who have eyes to see it
Ears to hear it
and a Heart to feel it.
Blessed be,
Love, Lisa

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  1. Beautiful music and I await the unveiling of your new creation.


  2. you have seriously swept me away with this alluring peek...consider me SMITTEN and beyond!
    yes to opening our eyes, ears, hearts and soul to the miracle of each unfolding moment.

    i am ready to have a fund raiser to ensure you come with us for lupita and san miguel!
    (my Mother taught me to dream BIG!)

  3. Your unfinished creation is beautiful. Can't wait to see when she is considered "finished". Mary shines in every form. Your heart and soul are in your every creation of her ♥

  4. Even the peek is too lovely for words.

  5. her eyes are inviting us to wait and see...

  6. Your new creation is looking like a masterpiece.:) Happy Mary Day to you.:)

  7. Thank you for giving us a peek. Can't wait to see it finished!

    Blue Lady of the Monsoons

  8. What a beauty your Lupita-in-progress is. I just love what Rebecca said. Hearing Boccelli Ave Maria reminds me tearfully of my own wedding day in 1958 when our Uncle Pete sang it as I placed a bouquet on Mary's altar.

  9. that painting looks amazing - the expression in her eyes!! i also have a cd with all the ave marias on without andrea bocelli's and wondered why that is! what a small world we live in - we breathe the same Mary air and are one in Mary! a fund raiser - i will support it!!!

  10. I love this image, have been watching her change...
    the addition of the stars touched me as I have been thinking about the Seven Sister's Constellation after using a quote on one of my posts along the lines of each one of ~> We are like falling stars until we find our place, our home, then we twinkle like the Seven Sister Constellation each one in place radiating love,
    this is what it reminded me of and your image became the icon in my mind! x

  11. He's my favorite! Thanks for your constant inspiration. My heart is heavy after listening to Ave Maria this morning. I am starting my day inspired and full of excitement since I scrolled down to see one of your book recommendations-The Forgotten Garden. Somehow I missed that one but must read-I'm so grateful to have you as as a blogger friend.

  12. Creation is inspired with Bocelli as background music. Your painting is intriguing - look forward to seeing more...


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