19 August 2013

Mornings with Mary~and a Priti Studio peek

I thought she might be done...
 now I am not so sure

I think I need to fashion a frame for her.


I was busy this morning,
cleaning my studio.
It took me a lot longer than I thought it would.

Wanna peek?
Nobody pays the least bit of attention to this sign
on the door...
you would think it actually says
 "Barge on in"

I had a brilliant idea yesterday for a new
HUGE project,
but first,
there is this 'rusty' journal that needs attention,
part of a collaboration.

Blessed be, 

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  1. thanks for sharing; have a good Monday

    much love...

  2. Your studio is too neat - pile some rusty bits in the entry and maybe they won't barge in! Ha! Love this piece!

  3. Hi Lisa. Good day to you. We must be on the same wave length-cleaning studio. I took pictures yesterday while cleaning and in a few minutes I'm going out there to continue and will post later this week. Your Mary is beautiful and your studio outstanding. I recall a year or more ago, your studio was in total chaos and your weren't sure you could straighten it out, but by the grace of Mary, you did.:))) Take care amiga. Love your Mary.

  4. Holy cow! I have never seen such a clean studio! Fabulous by the way and I love the Mary corner! My studio right now looks like crime scene!
    Actually it is a crime maybe that Maggie's journal is still sitting.. starring at me.. waiting of me to love it back (all the pages have shared so much love with me). I know here is inspiration coming... :) in the meantime, I might could do a little picking up....
    The only thing I can see that you need to do in your studio now is to ...
    "Get Messy on that beautiful table"
    p.s. oh, and crime scene tape, does not keep anyone out either!!

  5. I loved the tour of your studio. It's on my agenda to clean my own today. I think your beautiful Mary looks good without a frame, but only the creator knows what's best.

  6. wonderful nicho embedded in ... canvas? and your studio is so neat and tidy... what a light filled space, and still giggling over the fact that I DID barge right in!! xoxo

  7. neat, you've apparently done a thorough job of cleaning! perhaps a frame would be the right final touch. I clicked on her and I discovered that there are a sundry of creatures and people on her shawl and dress, quite intriguing.

  8. She is beautiful. Truly magnificent.

    Your studio looks really clean and organized.
    Love your work table at the window/natural lighting
    and the overflow table.

  9. Hi Lisa. I'm so glad you planted those Thai chiis's, Yay! Glad you are getting some. I dry mine in the dehydrator and then crush them in a coffee grinder specifically for chili and then jar them. Awesome. Take care.

  10. What a glorious Mary! The inset Sacred Heart is wonderful. She is beautiful as is, but if you are feeling that she needs a frame, that is what she must want.

    Your studio is very nice. My "studio" is in the corner of our dining room....visible when you come in the front door. Yikes! It is messy right now, I was searching for something amongst my supplies, and maybe you know the disorder that can create. My little creative space needs a lot of organization. Your studio has inspired me.

    Thank you for sharing today's glorious Mary with us!

  11. Such great fun to see inside your very organized studio, Lisa. I want to see more of those Mary paintings on the floor. Show them all, why don't you!!

  12. love those milagros on her, but Lisa, that studio is far too neat and tidy - there is no way you can create like that lol!! i remember your blog post of your art room when we were still at inspiration avenue - it was a mess and you were so stressed about it!! Creation is chaos and it is hard to keep a balance! i also go through stages of tidying out and then I can never find my stuff again

  13. Your studio is much cleaner than mine! Your new Mary painting is lovely as is but I can imagine her with a frame too. You'll know, of course.

  14. Thanks for the little tour. Your working space looks wonderful. I had to stop and really look hard at each photo because there is so much of interest there.


  15. Aw..dontcha love a nice clean studio? Yours looks fantastic. I cleaned mine last week, but you should see it today. lol

    Thanks so much for sharing my painting on FB. I'm thrilled that you would take the time to do that. <3 xoxo

  16. I am desperately looking for some space to make a studio. No room at home with the daughter and Grandkids living here. I could use the garage, but it's either too hot, or it will be too cold pretty soon. Yours looks pretty neat and clean and organized. I'd love to browse through it and look at your paintings and projects. Thanks for the peek.


  17. I was about to say almost everything spadoman said, but it would have been redundant.... Thanks for the snoop into your personal space, snooping is always fun!

  18. I love your new Mary Icon, especially the little door that opens up. The right frame will make the image so perfect! It's good to see inside your studio too, I love to see inside people's workspaces. I hadn't noticed the Frida photo of you the sidebar before, you look fantastic!xx

  19. Even unframed, she is a little bit of heaven on earth!

  20. A wonderful working space and the canvases look terrific, Lisa.


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