05 August 2013

Mornings with Mary♥

You may recognize this tapestry from Judie's blog post last week.
I had never seen anything like it 
in all of my scouring and scrounging 
for all things Mary.
You can imagine how astounded I was 
to find her in my mailbox just a few days later.
I am truly humbled by the miracles in my life.

Thank you Judie ~ eversomuch...

I know for sure you made Mary smile
just as big as I am smiling.
Is there anything more Mary-like
than bringing pleasure to someone
with thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity?

Your goodwill is an inspiration
and I will be sure to keep 'the circle of love'



  1. Judie is the sweetest. She must've known it would be perfect for you Lisa. Smiling here too.

  2. i cannot begin to tell you how much judie's generosity touches me. i believe in the power of giving, sharing, reaching out and believing there is enough goodness to share. today i join you in this circle of love. my heart has been so tested this week and the love i feel here is healing balm filling, expanding and lighting the way.
    isn't that the thing about generosity? you do not even need to be the recipient to be transformed by the act of giving.
    thank you both for your gorgeous sharing!

  3. i remember seeing this lovely tapestry; have a good Monday

    much love...

  4. Good morning, Lisa. Loved that rug the first time I saw it. Such a great find. And so it the very cool t-shirt. I notice G. K. to the right. I'm watching The Apostle of Common Sense on EWTN as I types. I love Dale Alhquist's program.

  5. Yes I remember this tapestry well and that is so like Judie, kind, giving and ever so gentle. I'm happy you have this tapestry. I see much happiness for you. By the way woman, you sure do look intoxicating. tee hee. You look beautiful, happy and relaxed and your blouse is outstanding. Have a wonderful week Lisa and take care.::hugs::

  6. What a special gift from Judie. I just love when things like this happen. I love the photo of you in your Mary shirt, too.

  7. Loving kindness flows within this group ♥

  8. What a wonderful gift. It looks right at home with you.


  9. Awesoooome Lisa! I just love it. I am very envious of your journal that you pass around in your circle over there!! I saw your Love Hymnal and I have found a Marian Missal that I am going to turn into a journal. Have a great week

  10. lovely post and you look so radiant... bella!! xoxo

  11. You are so welcome and I can see that she is already loved. Makes my heart happy. I can see love and happiness in your face too. :)

  12. I agree with you that giving is definitely more enriching and fulfilling than receiving. I have had many times in my life where I thought my own heart would burst because of something, some small amount of happiness I have brought to someone else. Generosity is also a gift. Your friend Jude sent you the Mary piece because she wanted you to have it and gave freely. You have that effect on people Lisa. Many see the light in your soul and want to illuminate it even further by giving to you.

  13. I find mysel eyeing the altar cloth in your photo. I just bought my first white crocheted altar cloth a few weeks ago, and am dreaming about more!!


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