26 August 2013

Mornings with Mary♥

This is my motto
Numquam Satis Maria
(never enough Mary)

Our house is 
one part cathedral
one part flea market
one part art museum.
Mary gazes at you in every room.
It is comforting to me
and fun.

I think every home needs at least one Mary
and somewhere there is a Mary for everyone.

My daughter Mia
 loves the Buddha
and the Hindu Deities.
So look who I found for her!

Which Mary would my son like?
When I painted this 
Dia de los Muertos Virgen
Leo claimed her.

You can tell I took the pictures of her
at his bachelor pad :)

Have a beautiful week,
Love, Lisa
Loving-ly linked to Mornings with Mary
at Rebecca's recuerda mi corazon 


  1. Your love for your children, and your love for Mary, are evident in your words and actions. I always look forward to my visit here, and am always pleased when I leave.

  2. such different interpretations of Mary! thank you for sharing because I love seeing your art.

  3. I just love your whimsical post today--and your Latin quote about Never Enough Marys.

  4. Fantastic gifts of Mother love
    What kind of paint did you use on virgin de la muertos?
    It has a beautiful sheen.

  5. Your house sounds like it has the perfect combination for decor. It must be a great pleasure to open the door and walk in. Love both Mary's you shared today.


  6. Visiting from recuerda mi corazon. Your work is fanciful, I simply enjoy looking at each aspect. Made you a favorite on Etsy.

    Barbara @ www.allmylivesnow.com

  7. I always love to read about your Mary's Lisa :) I love your Dia de los Muertos Virgen, that is my favorite. Enjoy your Sunday my sweet friend.


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