06 September 2013

Art for Art's Sake

Happy Friday!

Lesson in painting:
Put your soul in your hand and
Let it guide your brush.

That is all there is to it, really.
Just paint for the joy it brings you.
Just write a poem,
dance a jig...
Love your Life!

This is the Christmas-y tray I re-painted,
just for the fun of it.

Ars Gratis Artis.
Art for Art's Sake.

Happy colors!

In the end I decided to sew the brush on the edge of my journal,
less lumpy that way :)

Get busy Loving your Life,
it is so much FUN!

Loving-ly linked to Rebecca 


  1. Sometimes... I get so distracted by what is not here... that I almost miss all the colors and magic and beauty that is right there at the edge... like your paintbrush or your invitation to love our lives... NOW! I find joy indeed when I visit you each and every time! XO

  2. Love the 'lesson' haiku and gorgeous painting ~ carol, xo

  3. Great lesson...going to put soul in hand as I paint in your magical journal.

  4. Yes, of course!! And it produces beautiful art, music and writing every time!

  5. Your blog always gives me happiness Priti Girl Lisa. I loved reading what you had to say and enjoyed your work. I now leave to go find that feather that I saw outside my bedroom window this morning. I better pick it up before it's gone. Have a wonderful weekend amiga. Take care of yourself and have a glass of wine for me.:) ::hugs::

  6. The painted tray is so joyful, one can tell you are loving life. It is always a pleasure to see a new post from you.


  7. Great and true painting lesson.
    Awesome artwork on the tray too!

  8. Is putting your soul in your hand sometimes like putting your foot in your mouth? :)

    Spilling Lantern Light

  9. I think I have seriously been living under a rock - during OWOH there were so many people/blogs coming at me and making sure all was right that I truly didn't get to connect with as I would have liked. I want to remedy that right here, right now with you...... because you seem amazing and definitely so is your art.

  10. Oh my, love, love, love your words and art! I love the tray...you're such an inspiration. That's how I feel when I begin making a doll...I don't sketch it out, I let my hands to the molding and sculpting and see where it takes me...so much fun.

    Have a great and colourful week, Lisa.


  11. yes, YES!
    place your soul in your hand, and your HEART in your life,
    just imagine!

  12. my darling lisa,
    i have been writing you epic comments...only to see them vanish in this air.
    will this one remain so you know i have been here drinking you in with utter delight?

  13. Hello, this is my first visit here and I couldn't help but go back about a dozen blog posts to view your work and words. Very pleasant visit it was, too! I shall have to come back more often. I enjoy your paintings and journal work and haiku too. I found you through a link on Pam's Yoborobo blog.


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