20 September 2013

Haiku my Heart♥

She doesn't do much
she sits in the sun, she reads,
that's just how it seems.

She doesn't do much
this last week of September,
only sorts her dreams.

Words and Art have come so easily these past month. 
Unusual for me, but I was getting used to it...
spoiled by the wave of creativity. 
This past week, 
the Priti workshop has been quiet.
And I have been fretting
 about my pictures,
 about my words,
my art.

Sometimes at the last moment early in the morning
the words will come. 
Perfectly falling like pearls into my outstretched hand...
I roll them around like my rosary beads, 
thinking, counting syllables, 
making sense of what has been said to me
and the way to share it. 

It is a magical moment when it all tumbles into place
and the goodness in me leaks out
with the right rhythm.
I am waiting for that now.

Sometimes the only way out
is to go within.
The only way to finish
is to begin.

Loving-ly linked to Rebecca and friends
Pooh Bears never fret.


  1. Oh Lisa, your words are very definitely spilling like pearls (love that!) -- this post is incredibly moving!

  2. Beautifully said, Lisa - so true! (Oh, Pooh Bear - so cute!)

  3. Your words and thoughts are totally beautiful and awesome and spiritual. What you seek will come in its own time and you will be pleased. And what in the world would that Pooh Bear ever have to fret about? So loved, so spoiled, I can see. :)

  4. Oh yes, I'm synchronizing right now with you Lisa...under the Harvest Moon. x

  5. Wonderful haiku and beautiful words following the haiku. I especially like - "Perfectly falling like pearls into my outstretched hand...
    I roll them around like my rosary beads..."

  6. I like the image of spilling like pearls! I so admire the way your words
    such lovely
    imprints on my heart!

  7. wishing you a happy Friday

    much love...

  8. I love your words...your images. All so Priti and so perfect together! Nothing to fret about!

    No, I have never seen a cat fretting. Even when things are not so great they are stoic. Of course Pooh Bear, like my cats, loved and protected, doesn't even know the meaning of the word!


  9. Tell her... a little bird told me that the last week in September is always for sorting dreams! I love your open heartedness... waiting patiently for the pearls to come... knowing they will!

  10. This last week in September words have failed me as well. Not enough or too many vowels.
    That plus working on your Magical Journal and wanting it to be perfect...sorting that out... trusting my gut.
    Cats don't fret because everything is Purr fect.

  11. I love to see your goodness leak out!

  12. Wise and true words Lisa and wonderful haiku. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. fretting at times are also good - without fretting, the goodness will never leak out!! Wonderful sharing Lisa. Enjoy the sun - we are still freezing here in the not-so-sunny Cape with snow on Table Mountain - can you believe!!!

  14. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. You will be fine. Everything will fall in it's place Fret not wise lady.:) Gloria ::hugs::

  15. I love your words and your art, but most of all, your glorious artist heart !
    Much love and light to you, Amazingly Priti Lisa.

  16. let them fall, even if they look more like stones to you than pearls, sometimes you just don't see the value of your own stones/pearls, but others do!..... of course I need to take my own advise, I have a ton of pieces started but don't seem to know which way to go... just move, and the path becomes clear, isn't that what a zen master would say?

  17. Ah -- that Muse, she can be fickle. Keep paying homage!

  18. I think you always have a way with words and art for that matter.

    xx Jaime

  19. There is something to be said for sitting quietly.


  20. As always, your words and paintings/artwork are an inspiration. What a good idea to place a picture of yourself in the center of frame..after all, you spend a lot of time photographing. Nice post.

  21. For me, your words are always so profound and full of feeling, I feel as if you are talking directly to ME, because you always seem to voice what I am experiencing. NO fretting (or maybe fretting is part of the process?) so, no OVERfretting, you are beautiful inside and out. The words will come, they always do!

  22. the goodness in you ~~leaks out~~
    more than you may know
    magical regularity
    i would say ...

    {{ as is
    here }}

  23. I see the words flowing from you even though they might escape when you're not looking! ;) Enjoy the quiet, the muse will come out of hiding very soon when she's ready.
    Jess xx

  24. Sometimes we just need to rest and wait ... words and art can wax and wane, but they will always return to you, they're part of your soul :-) xx

  25. We need to take advantage of every chance to sit in the sun and read, the weather will change. That's my excuse.



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