13 September 2013

Haiku my Heart♥~Journal Pages

holy yet unclean
life is full of paradox
black & white habit.

for more haiku my heart: recuerda mi corazon
(thank you Rebecca♥)

I've been working away in my art journal this past week.
Sometimes it is just the fun thing to do
while waiting for the next brilliant idea to come.

I love putting windows on some pages...

And it was fun to play with Frida again
(she is my Patron Saint of Art)
Happily painting and drawing...

 and cutting and pasting...
some papers and treasures I collected or 
received from friends in the mail.

my most favorite movie!

whatever sages say and fools,
All is well.

(you should click on the pictures)

You should also make pasta :)

Don't you love things that start with P?
pasta pesto peas pine-nuts parmesan 
and basil
(because b's are just upsidedown p's)
don't forget the garlic!
use double the amount you think is the right amount...
don't worry
it doesn't keep anyone away.
Trust me.

Have the best weekend EVER!
Love, Priti.Lisa


  1. when i come here,
    i am nourished in holy through all my senses. thank you for filling me. and for your secret inner knowing that everyone is a bit hungry deep within and for always scattering soul bread crumbs where ever you go.

  2. You are in a whimsical miid it seems. I love the food banter. Nothing is better than pasta. Your journal pages are very cool. Your haiku is fabulous! Wish nuns and nurses wore what they wore those many years ago. Maybe they do in some places.


  3. Lisa! Your haiku is amazing. The play on words are brilliant! Yes, Frida is my patron saint of arts also. There was a time in my life when her picture hung on my wall and I would tell myself... if she could do what she did despite all her troubles... then surely I can do this. And yes to pasta and p's and garlic and all the wonderful things that make our lives so full and beautiful. Like visiting you here! XO

  4. I WANT THAT NUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    delightful pages and we are having pasta tonight, really!

  5. Love your 'play on words' in your haiku 'black and white habit' and so many wonderful creative works here not to mention delicious food! ~ carol, xo

  6. have a nice Weekend Lisa

    much love...

  7. Wonder if the nun is hiding.
    Bet they don't have smoking area in the nunnery.
    Paradox makes the world go round.

  8. Awesome post, Enlightening of course. Well you know how I feel about Frida. Need I say more. I love the let "P" for all the things you mention and also because P is for PRITI:) Have a wonderful weekend. ::hugs::

  9. Pictures or pasta: which should I do first?

  10. Love your Post, and i am stuck thinking of other practically perfect p words like, penuche, pumpkin butter, pralines, banana pancakes, and peppermint tea! And i have caught up on a few missed posts of your and am in awe of your painting on Mia's car! Sooooooooo cool!!!

  11. I love windows (and doors) and the knowledge when you see something behind either one that there is the possibility of new knowledge or adventure! And I love your Haiku!

  12. What a joyous post! I loved every bit of it starting with the smoking nun! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. a smoking nun, that's one aspect I never saw in all the years I taught with sisters! however, I did see a wine glass in a hand.
    I love the window and shutter in your journal! yet another creative idea to share!

  14. oh! i love these pages, lisa! a smoking nun beside a flower page!!

    yes, all is well! we shall not let them tell us otherwise...


  15. You are so funny girl. b's are upsidedown p's. I thought I gotcha in an "ah hah!" but then you said that!
    Love your journal pages. Especially the unclean. Everything is not always perfect, hmmmmm? xo

  16. The picture of the nun with a cigarette reminds me of a passage I read from a Maeve Binchy book awhile ago of a priest who smokes. Wonderful words.


  17. What a great post! I absolutely love the first window journal page! All of the pages are fantastic-wish I could come up with more adjectives for your wonderful work than the plain ones-sigh. Recipe is one I will make too. P's and an upside down B..love it.

  18. Your journal pages are inspiring me to pick mine up again.....lately I've had a needle and thread in my hand instead of a paint brush, pen etc.

  19. what creativity, that haiku with the nun smoking is priceless. i am so glad every time i get to stop by, lazy friday "sorting my dreams"


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