09 September 2013

Mornings with Mary & Free Library

See this little rusty Mary?
I re-made her~
yes I did!
She was just a forlorn plastic Mary
and now she looks like a relic.

She is busy right now, reading my confessions in the back of my journal. 

But she may find herself another job,
maybe in a piece of artwork...

I've been working in my art journal these past few days,
it's just fun and a great way to use up little pieces I have collected 
that have no purpose, but I like them too much to throw away.
I also come up with some "brilliant" ideas
while I am cutting and pasting...
Like this one:
I have just added a new page to this blog,
a place to share my books.
I am pretty excited about it,
so if you love to read...have a visit!

Here is my Dad's Mary with the 4 o' clock flowers 
gracing the front of our house.

This is the beginning of another exciting week,
I can't wait to see what happens next!


Loving-ly linked to sweet Rebecca and her friends
for Mornings with Mary


  1. oh how beautiful!! how did you do it? I just love that old look - looking forward to seeing where she will end up. I also love my journals - my children say that one day when I am no longer here, they will create a museum of all my which I make just for the sake of it!! quite a nice idea, lol! have a wonderful Mary filled week!

    1. maybe my one grandchild would ponder this, but my boys...not likely
      how grand for you, Hettienne, that your children would consider this to preserve your thoughts!

  2. Your remade relic Mary is wonderful...pure magic

  3. gorgeous transformation,
    wonderful delightful uplifting post!
    i have left you so many comments this past week or so only to see them disappear when i push publish!
    maybe your computer will now recognize my new computer, after the blue screen of death!
    happily i my reply remained on your free library pafe, brillant idea there too!

  4. Your Mary does look like an ancient relic and I absolutely love her. She is wonderful as is but I know you will find a wonderful piece of art to incorporate. Also, love your new section "Free Library" You showed a book "The Forgotten Garden" in one of your posts. I took your advice and just read it. Fabulous. Thanks for so much inspiration. I love coming to your blog.

  5. your creativity has brought her forward in a new form, how lovely; have a nice Monday

    much love...

  6. She is so wonderfully worn now !
    Sounds like you are in an artistic flow. How wonderful ! I am hoping that mine will grab me soon. Feels like I am on the cusp.
    Sending love and peace to you, Amazing One !

  7. Gorgeous divine feminine relic Lisa
    she looks like copper.

  8. Is it truly possible for Mary to change jobs? ;)

  9. Clever reworking of the plastic Mary. I'm sure she is happier now. Off to visit the library.


  10. well done ... you ... on the mary looking forward to seeing where you go with her.. and very clever free library... you are so generous!! xoxo

  11. I like what you did with her. I keep my Mom's statue of Mary....old chalk ware....on a sconce by the front door. though not a religious person I find her comforting because the female/motherly presence of her is something the resonates with me. Both that and that she belonged to my Mom.


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