02 September 2013

Mornings with Mary♥

Happy Monday!  Happy Mornings with Mary!
This picture of 
is going to hang in our freshly painted bathroom.
I was so incredibly fortunate to find her
at our Humane Society Thrift Shop,
I plucked her off the wall and didn't even check the price.
You won't believe it,
but she cost me 75 cents!
Lucky me!

I have been super busy these past weeks,
acquiring lovely pieces of  'junk' 
and priti-ing them up.

I got 2 of these trays to re-paint.

and this gigantic wood canvas to work on.
(they are all factory painted, so I don't think I am hurting any real artist's feelings)

Besides painting the bathroom,
I also re-painted Mia's car.

 And I have been re-listening to my Tom Petty collection.
Which lead me to this page in my 
art journal...

Love to you all!
and thank you Rebecca♥


  1. dear priti,
    first...here is my comment to your post last week, which my computer woes prevented from publishing..

    please place me firmly in the never enough mary circle, and then throw the key away! i love her gaze, protection and guidance from all vantage points.
    i am immediately at home in your surroundings as i too follow the nest building formula of rescuing discarded treasures to embellish life. i love being a magpie flying around looking for the shiny bits of life! there's something about discovering soul treasure in unexpected places that reaffirms the notion that life is a gift to embrace fully.
    my guide for 2013 is "a year of living and giving". i strengthen my belief that there is always enough; by practicing a willingness to share. i measure on the side of abundance; never leaving the house without something to give to another. sometimes it is a sheer spontaneous following of intuition, other times something catches my eye and i know immediately who the recipient should be.
    i have to say the giving of each gift has created more joy then the keeping.
    on that soulful note; i always feel that i have been offered a deeply fulfilling gift with every visit here.

    today i am just as gifted by your exuberance for love and beauty. and mia's car? SWEET!

    thanks for brightening my monday with your mary love.

  2. what a bargain! and yes the trays will be gloriously enhanced by your work and I daresay they have been languishing in wait for the touch of your brush... xoxox

  3. 75 cents? I'm envious! She is a dazzling beauty!


  4. The Universe is conspiring on your behalf, Priti one.
    May the force continue to be with you as you share your artful life with us!
    Black Madonna is beautiful. LOVE

  5. wow, wow, wow, what can I say?! sumptious and I love your motto!!

  6. Wonderful image of The Black Madonna! A very striking image. Her crown is so pretty. The beading looks almost three dimensional. Amazing find for 75 cents. Obviously, she was meant to come home with you.

    I like the idea of recycling the gigantic wood canvas, and the tray looks like it has real potential, too.

    I had never heard those Tom Petty lyrics before, and I am happy to have read them now. Thank you!

  7. what a deal for such a divine beauty! I intend to copy your idea for a canvas for me to give painting a try after all these years after tole painting lessons. thank you for sharing the wonderful art you create.

  8. Oh what a treasure!!!!!!!! She is a beauty!
    May I please have that car??????
    Glory hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Priti, i am happy with it, my sketch! Where am I sounding disappointed? I am tired having worked on this all day maybe that is coming through! Also, I just write whatever comes to mind never thinking anyone is actually reading my blog! Hahaha! Btw, your work is fabulous, I visited your art studio! I left this message on my blog for you because I couldn't access your blog from my Kindle so I am repeating most of what I wrote! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. it's always an inspiration to come here Lisa, and today not only your post but Rebeccas comment lifted me. If I was closer I would try to talk you into painting Mary on my car...............:)

  11. What an interesting post. I love the flea market finds. I repurpose canvas paintings I find from flea markets too. I especially like the wooden ones to work on. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the trays as well. Journal page is supreme-such a beautiful pose for your painting. Now on to Mia's car. As you know, I b-dazled my car with washers, beads and marbles. My next one will be painted. I want to paint all the characters that have booths at my market here in Roanoke. Can you tell me what type of paint you used and also if you sealed it? I love the bright cheery look of Mia's car!

  12. you have found such fabulous treasures - always such a great feeling:)

  13. An art car!! How cool is that. I'd Bee Happy too, if that was my car. Great find in the thrift shop. I'm always so surprised when I find Madonnas. I don't understand why people get rid of them but I'm sure glad they do because when I find them, I make them my own.

  14. How I wish we lived closer together as I am an estate, garage and tag sale nut--and thrift shops. We could drive around together only we'd probably fight over the same things. You had a great find! I love her. Love Mia's car--and your art journal page, too.

  15. Don't you just love the thrift store where people impulsively get rid of things? She was meant for you to
    find! I actually gave away a pair of jeans and shoes one time on an impulsive whim and guess who went and "bought" them back? Didn't mind though, our thrift store has been good to me on more than one occasion!



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