22 October 2013

Just yesterday I finished a commission 
for a small shrine.
It took me longer than I expected,
because...well because,
I had to search for just the right pieces
to puzzle it all together.

The front has St Agatha of Sicily,
Patron Saint of  nurses, bakers,
and women with breast cancer.
I placed her under a mica tile
and some fancy things I painted.

Inside is a collage 
with a picture of St. Anne holding her child,
Mary who will come the Mother of Jesus.

The other side has a handmade clay statue
of the Blessed Mother.
Her halo is a treasure found in an alley
now sparkling with gemstones.

I was honored to be asked to create this shrine.
I was also reminded of how much I enjoy
constructing and puzzling together objects,
making "new relics"
I plan to make another shrine of St. Agatha,
and perhaps St Jude too.

And the White Journal! I have to work on that too.
I have to relax and let the mojo flow...
Love! ♥ 


  1. wonderful mix of old and new, 2d, 3d and rich textures... lovely and will be loved.. xoxo

  2. What a treasure ! Indeed, a new relic to be much loved and honored.

  3. A treasure indeed Lisa. Very nice work. :) gloria

  4. I'm so attracted to shrines that open like this. About the sparkly halo, I think I might have the same, or very similar piece I found in the street. I'm going to have to check my box of goodies.

    Someone is going to be very happy when they receive this.


  5. I just love shrines and I love your handmade clay madonnas!

  6. Beautiful! That person is going to be very very happy! xo

  7. Lisa, this is wonderful and I know the person receiving it will be thrilled with the beauty and meaningful way you put this together. Awesome!

  8. Lisa, I really like your shrine but I especially like the cut-outs you created in an earlier post. I have never outgrown my love of paper dolls. I had hundreds as a child and wouldn't even go on a vacation with my family without a huge box of them to accompany me. (had a hard time convincing my parents that I couldn't travel without the dolls) I just love your custom piece and I'm sure your friend is thrilled!

  9. Beautiful work! The more I looked, the more wonderful details I discovered. I especially like the effect that the mica gives.

  10. Wow!! Lisa!! What a beautiful gift you've made.

  11. Lisa your art is so beautiful. All so lovingly prepared...what a treasure that person will have! I especially love the background to the figurine of Mary.

    xx oo Jaime

  12. Happy Birthday Priti, Pretty Lisa! Wanted to get here sooner to tell you. ~~But I did send you wishes on the wind~~ Sister November Birthday Woman. I appreciate that you were born!!
    i'm glad I came over. The piece you created here is very inspiring. I love that you found something in an alley and created this with it. MAGICK! for sure. The repletion of colors in various ways. the drape-y clothing. the clay figure, colored and drippy. Yum fest!

  13. You "puzzle" well my dear friend! That can only come from a love of what you do ~*
    Keep doing it ! You are such an inspiration to me!


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