21 October 2013

Perfection is a Waste of Time

I must write a post.
I would explain why I haven't written for a few weeks
but, I am not sure of the answer.
Life. You know how it can be sometimes.
I was lost...
and I had obligations 
and commissions I promised
but, I was lost.
and so I painted this instead:

And then I got to work. 
 and I enjoyed it eversomuch
but then I sent the art without taking a picture:(
 Oh well!

I was also behind in my beloved
Magical Journal Journey...something I never would do.

I had such a grand start, but then I got stuck.
The colors were teal, magenta and silver. 
Teal (i'll call it turquoise) 
Magenta (isn't that purple again?)

I made this affirmation mirror for my darling friend Kat,
and it turned out so nicely
that I thought she may want to hang it (and I had engraved the back)
so it must be removable...

Oh! Thank you rivets and silver elastic!
Now the back of the page has elastics too...hmmm...

flower stems! and jeweled flowers from junk treasures
I had stuffed here and there...believe me,
it was a scavenger hunt to find anything magenta...

Kat, I know this dolly looks just like you :)
(and always a Mandela for you)
I copied the idea, the stockings and pose from 
Misty Mawn (it's ok, it was in her book:))

and a wardrobe with her clothing.
The dresses really do fit...perfectly...

that's when it occurred to me:
(and damn near impossible)

I did have a lot of fun though
I always loved paper dolls as a kid,
especially the kind you had to color first, 
before you cut them out. 
I had to outline with black or brown crayon
and then smudge with my finger.
I remember sharpening the crayons with my teeth.
Somethings never change,
I still smudge with my finger
and (almost) sharpen with my teeth...
then I remember I am a grown-up now...
with an Xacto knife!  

I realize I have more to show and tell,
another post coming really soonly...
(and gratitude for sticking with me)
{oh! and Mom, remember to click the pictures}


  1. Dear Lisa, no need to explain, but this post is awesome! That painting is incredible!!! and I am sooooo jealous of that paper doll! wow, I am tempted to say you should take a break from blogging more often :D

  2. What a fun and beautiful post Lisa :)

  3. Paper dolls! Oh how I miss making paper dolls. Kat will be squealing with delight when she sees this - it's all just so perfect, especially the wardrobe full of clothes... What a talented lady you are!

    I've been a bit MIA too lately. I used to be able to multi-task so much more but seem to spend an awful lot of time just mooning around these days. All my intentions just go to pot!

  4. What a delightful post...I smiled throughout...imagining you sharpening a pencil with your teeth -- being that avid and eager and lost in the passion of creation!

  5. I adore that mirror, fabulous idea.......everyone should have 1, brilliant!!!!!
    Your art continues to inspire and energize!!!!

  6. Paper dolls My fav! To me everything you do is perfectly YOU!

  7. The mirror is wonderful and the paper doll so playful. Looks like you are back in the swing of things art wise.


  8. Oh Lisa these pages are gorgeous!! I love your ideas and the way your mind works. The mirror and the words around it are beautiful, and the paper doll with her very own wardrobe is so sweet and playful, she definitely reminds me of Kat! x

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!! I love everything about this one, may be my favorite yet! The paper doll was such an amazing idea, and the madala and the removable mirror- all SO amazing!
    You ROCK, my friend (perfect or not ;))

  10. Lisa, my friend, you have me grinning and excited like a child at Christmas :-)) !! Thank you so much for these perfect pages. I adore the silver mirror you've created & the fact I can hang it on my wall is fabulous. I'll be honoured to have a piece of your art on my wall . What a fanatsically inspired idea to make me a paper doll with a choice of amazing clothing and a wardrobe. Even greater is that 'mini me' will never worry about eating too much chocolate and subsequently fitting in these stunning dresses ;-) Its great that I worked on building a cupboard/wardribe & a mirror too in Tammys journal at the same time. The mandala is gorgeous and the words are inspirational. These vibrant pages are full of wonder, beauty & joy. I shall treasure them forever. I can't wait to seen them up close & hold them in my hands. Hope you're feeling much better now. Your art is always a

  11. Well, I must agree that perfection is a waste of time (and some say unattainable), BUT! These pages you've done for Kat, the words in the post...are just oozing PERFECTION to me!!! All of it is so honest and true and beautiful ~ and how can you get any more perfect than that? I can tell Kat will adore what you've created even more when she holds it in her hands. I'm only sad that I will not see it in person.
    I can so relate to your comments about feeling lost lately. But I think these journals are an antidote to that. To be immersed in creating something especially for a friend gets the creative juices flowing! Love love love the paper doll and the mirror...well, just everything! And to create flower stems from the elastic on the back of the mirror ~ ingenious!! ♥♥♥


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