11 November 2013

Book Love

I think you all know how much I love books,
I love everything about them:
their words,
their pictures,
the knowledge,
the escape.
I also love sharing them.
I added more books to my Free Library
and I hope you will take a look.
Don't be shy about it~you may have as many as you want!

I also love to make books
and alter old books.
I just made 2 blank journals...
this little pocket prayer book
a blank sketchbook/art journal
They are both available in my Etsy Shop
or directly from me.
I had such a fun time making them!
There are a lot more pictures of them in my shop if you want to peek.

I also love finding books
and I found some wonderful old leather manuals
in perfect condition.

I think they would make fun art journals too.

I have 5 of them,
but I think 2 will keep me busy enough, so...
we are back to the sharing part of books again.

If you would be interested in having one of these books
please tell me so in the comments below.
I have 3 to give-

I also love working in my own art journal 
and I have been doing some of that too.
I will save that for my next post :)



  1. such fabulous books - love, love, love them - so rich in detail!

  2. Had a quick peek at the Free Library. I had to smile because I have read most of the books on offer. We definitely have similar taste in reading. I think the two books/journals you made are stunning. Will be anxious to see what you do with the other leather bound books in your stack.


  3. The book you made look great! I love how when I open a book, it's like opening a door into another world. I think that's why I love to see people's art journals too. :)
    Jess xx

  4. What a juice post! I just love love love that old rosary and the black ribbon around the prayer book!! I would love to receive one of the old leather books, but I do realise postage to South Africa is a factor - I am willing to chip in :D. But more than that I would like to order a hand made journal from you - so dont give them all away!! I am sending you a mail, love HEttienne

  5. wow how fun it would be to try and redo them. I would be honored to receive one and give it a try!

  6. dear lover of all things mary,
    i am visiting to share how much i miss you; especially mondays. you have thrilled us so often with your gift of painting and you never disappoint. any monday you feel inspired please return and thrill us even more!


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