20 November 2013

Happenings @ Priti Studio

Outside my window: the full-ish (foolish) moon trying to break the rain clouds.

On my mind: my dad...and my mom as they learn to adjust. 
Most thankful for: everything I managed to accomplish today...and my hopes for tomorrow.

I am wearing:  ugly clothing that's been down-graded to jammies & an even uglier sweater on top cause it's wintery.

In my Studio: not too much there today, I was in the kitchen and then used the oven to dry some plaster wood canvases.

Every day: I wake up and try again.

I am reading: The Forest Lover by Susan Vreeland (Gemma would love this book)

What's cooking? : Um, plaster canvases?
Around the House: cute, sweet kitties in the November sun.

One of my favorite things: feeling alive with possibility!

 I am going to do a post like this one every week.
For myself,
and for you too. 


  1. Yay! Nice to have a glimpse of your life. Looking forward to the weekly posts.


  2. Ooh, I like this! Your short answers make me want more, more!! Baking canvas is not something I've heard of doing before. :) Do tell us more about it sometime!!

  3. LOVE Moon, adjusting, unfailing love and so on....
    right down to the sweet kitties in the sunlight
    AND possibilities.

  4. I like your "thinking" post. I will look forward to it each time. Now, what is a plaster canvas? May I guess you have smeared plaster over a stretched canvas? Is that how you get your awesome backgrounds. I wondered if you collaged paper on first, but maybe this is your secret to those awesome underpaintings. Yes, yes, aren't old clothes comfy and jammie worthy!! There is no winter here yet. The other day tv weather persons made a big deal out of a cold front passing through. It was mid 70's. Brrrrrr...lol.

  5. Love the pussycats smushed together !
    Sounds like you are preparing for the nesting time very well.
    I hope your positive mood and light heart carry you through the winter with ease, Beautiful !
    Light and love !

  6. I like the hints and teases of the one sentence answers Lisa. It allows us, the readers, to put our imagination caps on and think about what all you are really up to! LOL. Canvas cookies, yum, jammies in the winter and kittens on the chair and another recommendation for a book. I read the last one you recommended and loved it. "The Forgotten Garden." Will look up "The Forest Lover." Thanks for the nice post.

  7. Lisa -- I love this post. I may borrow the idea, if you don't mind.

  8. Great post, Lisa...love it and look forward to reading many more. I too am wearing ugly clothes..old sweat pants and t-shirt. Winter has finally arrived here in West Texas, thank you Canada, and we're feeling the effects of it. Must go to the grocery store to buy a few ingredients for my homemade tomato soup and croutons for tonight's dinner...it's going to be a soup kind-a night.



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