25 November 2013

Mornings with Mary

It appears as if I have abandoned 
Mornings with Mary,
but I haven't.
'unintentionally preoccupied'
is my status.
Time passes so quickly for me
add a few monkey wrenches
and I lose traction
it seems like I disappear.
I haven't.
I'm just totally immersed tasks.
And I certainly haven't abandoned Mary.
But morning has turned evening...

I have been painting
now and again...

the cracks of my days

I hope you will forgive 
my tardiness.

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  1. Does the fact that you are 'unintentionally preoccupied' have anything to do with
    the fact that you and your art are also 'accidently fabulous' ?

  2. Life's endless tasks and activities, particularly when you are in family life as you are, can be very distracting. I love all the beautiful Mary portraits you have shared, but I love all your work. I'm glad you surfaced for Mornings With Mary. I come and go myself.

  3. Amazing paintings! Thank you for showing them to us.

  4. my darling friend,
    life has a way and when it calls, we must answer. i miss you because you are beautiful, kind, humorous, inspiring and perfect company.
    which is to say come when you can and we will all bask in your beauty. and when life asks you to follow in another direction know we all send our love to keep you safe and sound.
    much love to you.

  5. You are doing things in your time, Lisa. No need for any apologies here or anywhere ! Life is going so fast. Brava to you for taking the slow down time where you can.
    These works are miraculous and beautiful.
    I am wishing you and yours a sweet and cozy Thanksgiving, Lovely One !
    Love and light !

  6. It's lovely to see your gorgeous paintings.xx

  7. Hi Lisa everything in cycles and seasons! Just love that painting! I have learnt that we need a lot of down time in order to flow the inspiration when it does come!! Thanks for keeping the magic alive!

  8. I can certainly relate to this dear one... I have precious little to show for myself, working on deadline and getting things ready for the holidays.. I totally understand and when you do come up for air, I will be waiting with a virtual huglet... xoxo

  9. Beautiful pieces. Our days get full sometimes but a breathing break will appear unexpectedly. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.


  10. Lisa, all you do and say if lovely. Thank you for you very sweet and comical comment over at my blog. Hopefully, I shall never be a "clerk" again!! LOL Have a wonderful weekend and continue with whatever you must do...we all know about distractions but our Mary is always with us, guiding us and helping us to come back to our centre again.



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