14 November 2013

St. Cecelia

St. Cecelia, Patron Saint of Musicians.
This is my largest painting ever (so far)
over 3 feet tall!

She's priti, isn't she?

I say that because 'priti' means to make beautiful.
And I painted her over another "painting"...
something factory-made.

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  1. She is priti, oh so priti ! Brilliant re-use of a canvas!
    Hugs, Honey !

  2. I say she is priti awesome, Ms. Priti. Fabulous. Wonderful. I love this painting.
    I am going to be part of the next round robin art journal too and I have never altered a book before so was really interested in the one you did (previous post). I have done regular art journals, and small chunky books, but never a big one and never an "altered". Don't know where to start but I am anxious to begin.
    Again, St. Cecelia is too beautiful!

  3. such a brilliant idea! now she has a frame already! so beautiful

  4. St Cecelia is stunning. Very Priti, Ms Priti.:) Have a great weekend.

  5. She is beautiful!!! St. Cecilia would be proud of this gorgeous interpretation of her!

  6. She is such a beauty!
    She seems to float. lovely!

  7. So beautiful Lisa.she is magnificent! I love her..she has always had a special place in my heart and this painting of yours is spectacular and deeply special!

  8. Hi Lisa, It's me, back again. You know.....I've been wanting a swing in the back yard too. Not sure if a tree swing would hold me up though, so I'm thinking a regular swing. I am sure they sell them somewhere. You should get one too. We can then swing together and I'll fly over there and we'll meet halfway. tee hee.:) Take care.

  9. Love how color gathers up in the texture like a patina.
    She's priti pretty, Priti.

  10. That she is! I thought it had not been too long since I had been by here but I have missed soooo much! I love (!) all the things you have been creating, and that book ink and Honey is going on my Christmas list as well. Which brings me also to you wonderfully fabulous giving library... I left a message there for a book I would love and i left a list of books to trade that maybe you will like, let me know if you would like a few or if the list even shows up as i didn't see my comment after i posted it. also the pages in teh white journal are great! I am so glad your current book exchange worked better for you than the other, did you ever get your box book back from our exchange? i so hope so.

  11. Lovely, and good for you for going BIG. I'll bet it felt good to have all that room to expand and paint.


  12. Brilliant and Beautiful !!!
    YOU are the Patron Saint of Recycle!

  13. I came back because I wanted to feast my eyes once more on the lovely St. Cecelia


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