10 November 2013

White Guardian

These are pages for the last book in our art journal circle.
The Magical Journal Journey has finished its 2nd year.
This year we did journals with a color theme
and Angie's was white.
I unfastened my pages from the book before I started,
because I am a mess
and I couldn't bear the thought of smudging the other's work.
There are nine of us
and I always try to honor that in each book.

Lucky for me I found an aluminum '9' house number
and after a few layers of gesso and some sandpaper,
it was perfect for the White Guardian of 9.

And I couldn't stop there...
Angels for Angela!

An angel I made with a print of one of my paintings
and a butterfly pocket page

And a stitched angel too. 
I sent the big, fat, luscious White Journal
to the UK last week.
And my Turquoise Journal arrived yesterday!

I haven't even looked through it properly yet.
I need some time...

to look at every loving detail by my 8
artistic sister-friends.
And then I will re-bind it so it will shut,
and then keep it on display
so visitors can enjoy it too.

I have eversomuch more to share,
but I will save it for tomorrow.

Here is the poem by my bloved Cummings
that I included in Angie's book:
(remember to click the pictures if you can't see)

Love to all,
and be prepared for me to do a lot of posts!
it's feast of famine at Priti Studio :)
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I love the White Angel Lisa -- the purity and the serenity...and then the pocket and the Angel for Angela and the e.e. cummings poem...all so spiritually beautiful. Looking forward to the feast to come here!

  2. All so lovely. The art work is stellar.
    The tender care which was done exudes a deeper beauty.
    What treasures.

  3. Pure and simply wonderful, and so you too! Angie will LOVE!

  4. Oh Lisa! The moment I saw my pages my heart skipped a beat, I ADORE them! My very own guardian angel - ethereal, spiritual and so very beautiful. I feel uplifted just looking at her :-) The poem is amazing, I love how you use words in your art and this poem compliments the images so well. The house number is a great find and the lacy accents you've used are so delicate and pretty. You've included all my favourite things - I'm always drawn to secret pockets and hidden things :-) And the stitched angel too! What a beautiful gift, that will be in pride of place in my Christmas display. Thank you for spending so much time, thought and love on my journal, your pages are very special to me and I'll always treasure them xxx

  5. famine or feast!! love it! so so beautiful and that poem says it all!! what a wonderful journey you nine are undertaking every year, like the nine muses or the nine morgans of avalon!!

  6. Oh, how I love the white guardian ! Really beautiful and full of peace and comfort somehow. You are amazing, Lisa.
    Glad to know you are in such a wonderful juicy creative flow. Enjoy it, my friend !
    Love and light !

  7. LOVE this!! It is so great how you layer textured papers under your paintings for that added tactile interest. Angels for Angie is like cookies for Santa. The 9 is great! And the cross stitch is an extra special treat she can hang. Have fun exploring your journal. =) It is packed full of love!

  8. Your pages for the journal are wonderful. Of course I enjoyed the cummings poem as well. I'll bet you will have a wonderful time exploring the pages and ever detail on them when you get time to sit with your own finished journal. Everyone who participated must be excited.


  9. I LOVE that so many of us did angels for Angie, the Art Angel! And this is oh so GLORIOUS!!! All the painting is wonderful (as it always is ;)) and the little details- that 9 is AWESOME-ness! I LOVE everything about your pages, they are just so beautiful!

  10. What a perfectly beautiful finish for Angie's journal! Angels of course are perfect for Angie. It's all so special, and I know Angie will love it.

  11. Oh Lisa your pages are divine (in all senses of the word). I adore the White Guardian of 9 she has a truly ethereal special presence about her that makes me feel that all nine of us are safe under her watch. Angie will be able to refer to her & the gorgeous angels you've created whenever she's in need of comfort. The EE Cummings you've chosen is inspired - that first line alone is perfect for Angie's theme & our group's dream filled experiences. I love the textures, layers, art, words & the cross stitch with the tiny stitches (I adore my own of these, marvelling at its tiny detail. Sorry I am so late to comment but I've so enjoyed my visit now I'm here!
    Kat Xx

  12. you certainly have been busy creatively even if you say you are slower than usual. each time i come to visit you have new exquisite paintings.
    this braided angel lead me to paint a braided lady of a whole different sort. thank you for such a beautiful blog.


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