03 December 2013

A Virgin a Day~this one is for Joe Spado

One of Mary's titles is Morning Star
and every star
is an image of Her.
However, we could also call her Mourning Star
as we feel the loss of our kindred, Joe.

 Joe and I exchanged many emails,
he was a great story-teller, you know,
and between us, one story always began another...
As Italian/Catholic children,
we had many of the same feelings.
In February he asked me to paint 
"one of my Marys" for him.
She was to be a mermaid,
"without her veil, but no seashell bra either"
Mary "Star of the Sea" for Joe

There is always a lesson in mourning,
just as underneath Mary's mourning
is the desire for all of God's children to be united
 in the common bond of love.
This is Joe's desire too.

Joe always signed his emails with
Peace, Love and Hugs
and I am going to steal that from him...

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  1. Beautiful post Lisa. I visited Joe from time to time and didn't know him personally but enjoyed his words and kind way. I will dedicate my Mary post to him today as well. I learned about Joe from Lea's post.

  2. Dearest Lisa, Joe and I had many conversations about you. He loved you very much and thought you were one of the most amazing artists he had come to know through bloglandia... I will always look for his comments on our Friday haiku... I know he would do so, if he could find a way! Thank you Lisa, for this post and for sharing this morning of mourning with us... Joe is a bright star of peace in our hearts and in the world!

  3. I bet Joe adored his mermaid.She is beautiful. Thanks for remembering Joe and sharing your memories. I knew him only through some of Rebecca's memes but I was always struck with his adventuring and his gentleness.

  4. have a nice Tuesday; Condolences

    much love...

  5. thank you for lifting my spirit.......I was shocked, not ready for Joe to leave
    He was always so encouraging to me....
    It looks like it is going to rain here

  6. Such a reminder of how short life is! Joe touched many and brought great love - what more can one ask for?

  7. Dearest Lisa.
    How blessed are all who knew Joe. In his quest for peace and love he left the world a better place.
    Your beautiful painting of mermaid Mary Morning star must have been a source of complete joy to him...
    RIP dear Joe.

  8. dear lisa,
    your post truly warms my heart. the thing about joe is he truly was EVERY ONES friend. he has a way of making the person he was with feel they were the light of the world. it is lovely to be visiting each tribute and feel how he gifted each of us this feeling of being unique in all the world. joe is truth in evidence that love can be born and shared through this air! a phone call, a letter, a blog post, a visit. all golden opportunities to share love.
    so many of us might never have crossed paths were it not for our willingness to reach outside of our day to day world through our blogs.
    forever blessed.

  9. I didn't know Joe,but that he inspired spread peace and love is a wonderful thing.
    Beautiful painting Lisa.......thank you for sharing the beauty.


  10. I love that you are going to carry on Joes "signoff".....that is how we keep our loved ones with us and in our hearts, by carrying on and remembering the small loving things. I will miss his posts..........

  11. He did leave us all such a rich legacy!


  12. What a beautiful tribute to Joe! Peace to you too, Lisa! This warmed my heart to read!

  13. I'm sure Joe doesn't mind your stealing from him at all! ;)

  14. I didn't know Joe but enjoyed reading your words about him and those of left here in the comments. It is uplifting to hear about good people even if our paths never crossed. The mermaid is very special and I'm sure it was cherished by this good man.



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