07 December 2013

A Virgin a Day

page in my art journal
out of the lie of no
rises a truth of yes
      (only herself and who 
illimitably is)        

        making fools understand
      (like wintry me)that not
   all matterings of mind
equal one violet       

 Mary, the mother of Jesus
mother of us all
mother of nature
mother of more time and space
than we can imagine.

She's got the whole world in her hands.
Please join in celebrating
with our most gracious host, Rebecca...


  1. ...and, as e e cummings well knew: All violets are not equal! ;)

  2. Love this! Love the e.e. cummings quote and yours too. Need to hang onto those words of wisdom longer than a day. Beautiful, heartfelt painting too. She does have the whole world in her hands and has often warned humanity about catastrophes that can be avoided in the future. The Mother of us all.

  3. Oh yes yes yes! And such a beautiful page too

  4. luv the image from your journal; and words

    much love...

  5. Love your beautiful journal painting of Mary and the thought provoking quote by EE! Beautiful!

  6. I love the concept of the world in her hands and your art journal page is so beautiful. I'm currently re-reading a book called Our Lady of the Lost and Found--and a weary Mary turns up in a regular tract house of a single woman. She just needed some r&r.

  7. waht a stunning image for your journal! I can't imagine having the responsibility Mary has!

  8. the shelter and promise of mary so gorgeously expressed through your inspired hands.

  9. Just so lovely Lisa. I will take this offering of violets tonight. I need them, or the fool in me really needs them. Their scent... is heaven. I am so glad that Mary has the whole world in her hands...

  10. I remember the word "illimitable" from English class. Great days.



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