06 December 2013

Haiku my 'Virgin a Day' Heart♥

Mother of Mercy
when doubt eclipses possible
hear my fragile prayer

hear my desperate prayer
when gray turns to black again
help me see the light

She is a strong, feminine, divine being...
Mother of Heaven, Earth,
sacrifice, survival, and growth.
She is forgiveness and courage and truth.
She will wrap you in her magical cape
and take the pain away.
She is self-contained,
yet she shimmers
 and her glow reaches you without invading...

prayer card
found here
She is the Mother we all seek.
She is the Who we wish to be.

mother of mercy2
found here
Peace, Love and Hugs,
12 mornings with Mary
and haiku my heart are happening:


  1. Peace, love and hugs in return....x

  2. Lisa, your artwork is so beautiful and your words even more so.

  3. Lisa, I like your work so very much...


  4. Beautiful, beautiful art, Sweetie ! And heartfelt and love filled prayers.
    Love and peace to you !

  5. Just beautiful work and memorable words Lisa. Nicely said. Thank you.

  6. Sacrifice, Survival, and Growth/Forgiveness, Courage, and Truth. Aren't these triads,after all, indicative of the circle of life itself, Lisa in all its blessed and feminine roundness. Beautiful words and images that open the heart and direct the mind to higher consciousness and peace.

  7. I love that-"when gray turns to black, help me see the way".

  8. Lisa, I just love your variations on Mary and your words mean so much to me today. Thank you.

  9. Every time I see one of your new Mary's I think it is my favorite. Lovely that you've made this work into a prayer card.


  10. My prayers are so fragile it's a wonder that Anyone can hear them!

  11. hello,
    your words are pretty magical today....
    and your clay pebbles for Joe are touching....
    I just wrote on Kim's blog that I am surprised actually how connected I feel to Joe for never having met him in person. and this makes me realize how much all of my online friends really mean to me!
    And I did just receive your wonderful books and bookmark. I hadn't mailed you any yet as I wasn't sure which you wanted. I guess I will just choose and get them out soon. Thank you so much, it was just like Christmas!

  12. She describes your beautiful words perfectly. The monchrome picture is just as captivating! Lovely work Priti :)
    Jess xx

  13. Lisa... you recently wrote that you wanted to copy a poem from my blog into your journal... it is my turn to say to you, that this prayer speaks to me so deeply and profoundly. So to your question, always yes. And to mine... just being here with you is my answer. Thank you so. XO

  14. Colour - grey - black - and back to colours again... that is life. I love your post, it was good visiting you again. Love from Holland, Marit


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