30 December 2013

Happenings @ Priti Studio part II

It's time for my last post of 2013...
This past month has been so luxurious,
so full of pleasurable hours spent. 
reading books...

i could not stop reading this one ♥
doing puzzles we bought from charity shops...

watching movies from netflix,
 so artistic and beautiful...

painting new pictures....
acrylic on 11x14" canvas

and re-painting older pictures...
{originally painted in 2010}

this pair hang in the dining room
and now it is time to finish the unfinished...

still...she waits...
the beginnings of art books...

it's time to clean up the studio...
in anticipation of a new year
full of possibilities.

Peace, Love and Hugs,


  1. Wishing you a beautiful new year Lisa...may it be filled with beautiful creative moments!

  2. As always your work inspires..........your joy leaps off the screen........your genuine spirit evident with every word! I will check out the book AND the movie!!
    Happy New Year to you dear Lisa - I am so happy THIS year connected us!

  3. Happy New Year, Lisa. Your final post is so full of love and warmth. Your last painting is a real treasure. I found the reworked portraits very interesting. Your style seems to have evolved. Both appearances are very pleasing.

  4. Meaningful hours you have spent. Happy New Year, Mz. Priti. xo

  5. Painting, repainting, good films, and good books all look and sound wonderful.
    Love the color of your dining room. It is like a museum. Wow Lisa.
    Happy New Year!
    LOVE you.

  6. Looks like you are doing all the things you love. I read the book and like you, didn't want to put it down. Hope the new year holds lots of wonderful possibilities for you.


  7. wonderful wonderful!! a blessed 2014 to you and your loved ones!

  8. Happy New Year, Lisa!! I'm loving what I see of your new artwork. :) I hope you have an incredibly creative year. xo

  9. I have heard that little girl before and am totally awed by her voice. Wonder what she will sound like in 5 years? I see a lot of depth in your "after" paintings. Beautiful work. As far as the book goes, I'm ordering it immediately. I have read books you have recommended before and never been sorry-actually been overjoyed at them! Thanks for all the unique posts this year. Blessings to you Lisa.


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