04 December 2013

Happenings @ Priti Studio

 Outside my window: gray/black, i'll be skipping this (?) until April...this is how it is in PA.

On my mind: loss... and then the victorious feeling in finding what was left behind.

Most Thankful for: Life, and another chance to do the right thing.

I am wearing: 
my studio business suit:
those jeans,
muffin tops...
and no bra :)

I am reading: lots of blogs(at least trying to)
 I love the blogging community and will never give it up!
( i am on FB, but it's rare-ish...
kinda like going to the city for me :))...
Yesterday I also read the directions on the box of Annie's Mac and Cheese...
sometimes my eyes
get hungry for words
waiting for the water to boil.

In my Studio: Soooo much! and i am happy and excited and invigorated and i can't wait until the sun comes up and i can go back to what i have started and discover more things i wanna do that i don't even know about yet!!!!

Around the house: Thinking about erecting the Christmas Tree...hmmph.

Everyday: searching...always searching. For the right piece (peace)

Peace, Love and Hugs,


  1. without a bra is the best!! just add some pyjama pants to that - I hate jeans with a passion!!! lol! We are into summer Lisa and the weather is so beautiful and my garden looks amazing - I am just waiting for my hawthorn to flower then I will post some pics to cheer you up! enjoy the hunt!

  2. I love this knowing there are lots of things to do which will reveal themselves in the fullness of time.

    I see this issue of trust coming up with lots of people right now and in all areas of life.......very exciting!!!

    Happy Thursday,

  3. Well Lisa, no matter what you are doing, please be happy in all. It is interesting to know that you don't have a bra on, tee hee. It's good to know that with loss there is victory in finding what was left behind. Hugs to you.

  4. Love this meme...and I laughed about your reading the ingredients on the box of mac & cheese...because sometimes when you`re hungry that`s what you do -- me too!!!! hee!!

  5. I can sense excitement in the future - yay! And if those are muffin tops, I have giant bagels attached to my thighs. GIGANTIC BAGELS. Enjoy your tree and peace to you, my friend! xo


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