22 December 2013

Happenings @ Priti Studio

Hi Friends!
It is past time for another installment of
Happenings @ Priti Studio...
I have been so busy in my studio and all of it's trappings
that I have quite a bit of art to show.
And THAT makes me feel very grateful...
I've been painting
Guardian Angel available here.

and assembling
Shrine for sale in my shop
And the weather has been so cold
and then so warm (today 69F)
but consistently gray
and I said I wouldn't speak of the weather until April
I've seen bugs and buds, so that is strange....

And then there were Christmas cards to consider
and that project led to this:

Art tote-bag 
And then there are books! A girl could die from not reading!
I finished The Forest Lover (which is up for grabs)
and then finished another book, not worth mentioning.
Tonight I will choose a new book from my stacks

above my bed
And then, FOOD.
every Saturday we can, we have dinner together

And tomorrow...
I'll bake biscotti and Aunt Janna's pecans,
like I do every year.
then I will try to sneak back upstairs
to my studio
where she is waiting
And there is much to contemplate
in these last days of the year.
And many, many things to rejoice in
and to hold near.
We have this life.
And we have each other.
That is what is on my mind. 
and Hugs,

PS: This is only part 1...I have more to share. Put me on your holiday reading list


  1. You are definitely on my holiday......and everyday......reading list. Your awesome art makes me happy inside. Wishing you a very, very happy Christmas.

  2. hey beautiful one... blowing you holiday kisses and sending you love!


  3. Wonderful art, wonderful photos and wonderful words...
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, Lisa :)

  4. I'm back...to tell you that is an awesome idea to write the story. I will do that. How I love to make up stories! Thanks, and Happy Christmas.

  5. You are always a must read and reveling in the splendor of your art a must do.
    Happiest of joy filled holidays dear one.

  6. Thinking of you this Christmas night. Hope your day was warm and wonderful.
    Thank you dear friend for everything. My love to you and yours now and always.

  7. Read your posts all the time, love your art, enjoy seeing and hearing what you are up to. Anxious for the next installment.

  8. Hoping your Christmas was bright, magical and blessed and sending good wishes for a bright, happy, prosperous and healthy new year. Here is to more art! Your work is beautiful! xo


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