02 December 2013

A Virgin a Day

I am joining the yearly vigil 
for Our Blessed Mother.
12 days leading to her Feast Day
December 12.


Ave Maria,
guide me,
as I make rejoicing
my constant habit.


For rejoicing is more than feeling happiness.
Rejoicing is a wellspring
that flows over you,
even as you struggle.


Everything is as it should be.
I rejoice in the fact that I am alive
and loved by God.

Please join in celebrating
with our most gracious host, Rebecca...


  1. Dear Lisa I missed your post yesterday! Have a look at my sharing of the prayer book that you made (for me :D). Everything is as it should be and always for our highest good - even when the going feels really rough!

  2. inspiring images and well said! your first image would make a stunning fabric hanging or quilt!

  3. my dear priti,
    somehow this pilgrimage of mary love would never be complete without you. so lovey to see you here in all your mary glory!

  4. I love your words and your beautiful and unique shrines to Our Lady. I just plain old love everything you create. Thanks for enriching my day.

  5. May your mindful rejoicing draw you closer to the Divine!

    Tuesday’s Virgin

  6. I TOO LOVE YOUR WORDS DEAR LISA. I ALSO LOVE YOUR FB PICTURE. Just beautiful. Thank you for linking me at Rebecca's.:)

  7. Such lovely little shrines, Lisa. It is always wonderful to see other women's altars and their choices of imagery and color. All the best to you, Laurie

  8. And I shall rejoice gladly with you! Love the shrine too. A beautiful tribute.

  9. Hello sweet Priti Lisa, I am rejoicing in sharing these days with you... and in your words and images, always. You make my heart smile in so many ways... thank you for gracing us with these words and images. XO

  10. May I sit in the 'rejoicing' seat with you and let the wellsprings of love bathe over us in the company of Many Mary Hearts...x


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