05 December 2013

Virgin a Day~in the studio

yesterday was an especially magical day!
it was the first time in a loooong time 
that i could spend the entire day
in priti studio!
my favorite place on earth.

i had been working on this journal for weeks it seems

cutting papers and binding the pages
and after many attempts at the cover
yesterday it finally came together
"how much they miss
who have no eyes to see"

and since i had my clay out i made some pebbles

and thought of Joe
peace, love and hugs,


  1. dear one,
    i love thinking of you all day ruminating and creating in the studio. thank you for always inspiring us to look with the eyes of love. tomorrow will be bittersweet returning to haiku my heart without joe. i hope everyone will find a way to honor joe. i love seeing his name here and there on every ones postings. he touched so many lives so genuinely, truly he had eyes and a heart that looked to the core of everything and everyone.
    i love you, thanks for walking beside me for these twelve days and sharing the light of love.

  2. studio days are the best. our schools have now closed for the summer holidays - two months of no lifting and no making lunches!! so hopefully I will also get some studio time. I see my name on that incredibly beautiful journal and so apt!!!

  3. Joe would smile at being included in the same sentence with pebbles---no, he would laugh outright! ;)

  4. How lovely, Lisa. I know that feeling of spending time in the "happy place," our respective studios. Your book is beyond lovely and I especially love your hand-made stones. It's all so beautiful! Your creativity will hopefully punctuate my day after I return from visiting my mother in the nursing home. I'll get right back into my studio and make something beautiful, after I put the beans on the stove for tonight's dinner, of course!! LOL


  5. Your heart is as lovely as your art, Ms. Priti.

  6. I know the magical feeling of playing, I played among the stars today and thought about Joe....x

  7. Will this journal be home to your words or will it be for sale? It's exquisite. Your day in the studio brought many images to mind and a little envy.

  8. Your journal is beautiful Lisa ........ really special!


  9. WONDERFUL! On all counts! I am a bit envious at your having a whole day in your studio. I don't recall having that for years now.

    And, I especially love the tribute to our friend, Joe Spado!

  10. lovely Lisa, you brought tears to my eyes when I spotted dear Joes' name on one of the pebbles. your journal cover is indeed exquisite!

  11. I love the new header and I can see that your work is changing... very cool! xox

  12. the Virgin with the pebbles is my favourite

    much love...

  13. Very lovely...especially those words, the quote! xo

  14. What a beautiful journal, Lisa. So sorry you have losted your friend, Joe. Now to look in your Etsy store at more of your lovely work.

  15. Totally beautiful and very meaningful dear Lisa. ::hugs:: You asked where I got that shrine....we I wish I could say I made it but it's a free pix from the internet and you can see it here-it sold. :( http://www.caughtmyfancy.com/item_452/Vintage-French-Virgin-Mary-Icon.htm
    It would be fun to try to make one. Take care.

  16. {{ peace
    joe }}

    lovely hard stones
    for the one
    with the softest of hearts ♥


  17. May we all continue to feel Joe's light, his warmth, shining upon us.


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