18 January 2014

Happenings @ Priti Studio

in my studio i have been working on art journals
and pages

i found a pad of tracing paper at the charity shop for 75¢
and have been having fun "layering" 

in the kitchen i have been making soups

they are all different, yet the same...
different pastas, beans, veggies...whatever we have.

outside the window there is a fresh dumping of snow, the icy kind this time.

i am reading...a lot!
these are the books on my nightstand
the green book is a gift from a friend...an altered book about friendship...
thank you im girl.
the novel is based on the mysteries and meanings of one of my favorite paintings
 primavera by sandro botticelli.

i am thinking about mattisse this week, as i am taking 
the on-line work shop with jeanne oliver.
i am enjoying it very much
as she really goes into the history and technique.
the first lesson was to create a sculpture based on one of his paintings.
I decided to use this painting
Recovered: Odalisque in Pants, painted by Henri Matisse in 1925, left and the fake, right
odalisque in pants
because of the simplicity and the intrigue...
the painting was stolen and recovered.

 of course i didn't buy the proper clay...this cheap clay has been sitting in a box,
leftover from the days of home schooling.
i am hoping she will look better after some smoothing and paint.

wishing for spring
but not wishing my life away~
it is just too good to rush.

& Hugs,


  1. Fantastic! Love Primavera as well. Could almost do a whole art journal with different variations of that alone! Will look for that book. The layers, the sculpture, the gift from Kim everything here is wonderful.

  2. I'm taking Studying Under the Masters too but haven't attempted anything -- I love that you are sculpting...I need to get busy!

  3. How I love this post, Lisa! You're so full of energetic creativity and motivation...can you bottle some of that and send it!!?? LOL Continue having a lovely week and continue reading, cooking and creating beautiful things.


  4. Very inspiring post. Love it! I want some soup too. Looks delish. I'm happy that you are happy enjoying your life. You deserve the best. ::hugs::

  5. I love it all! The paintings, the food (yum), and the sculpture WOW! I didn't know you were amazing at that too!! ♥ ♥

  6. VERY interesting what you have done playing with that tracing paper. I have a painting I purchased at an estate sale that is a two-faced figure reminding me of your tracings. Betcha that book is good as well. I like
    The Primavera so much, I painted it life sized on my bedroom wall. Did you know it was painted as a wedding gift?
    Sigh.....that I should have been born so talented as Sandro Botticelli. I am in love with your newest Mary painting too. She is so lovely.


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