10 January 2014

Mornings with Mary

Our Magical Journal Journey ended just before the holidays
and the nine of us decided to share our journals
{and all of the beautiful art within}
with all of you... 
As my book is so full of Mary,
this is the perfect place to share it.
My book began its journey as a skinny Love Hymnal
a place to explore the feminine face of God
and returned so fat, I had to re-bind it
stuffed full of art and love
quotes and charms
lots of Mary
all in my favorite color...turquoise!
Please take 3 minutes and enjoy my little slide show,
you will be inspired, I promise!
You can view the other 8 books by visiting the other artists
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  1. I have no appropriate words for the splendor I just saw........what an outstanding collaboration of amazing women - it is glorious!! xo

  2. Lisa, Just got mine up and I am here early to the party because I knew your presentation would be "awe" inspiring. I love the slide show and the music. I started to go that route and almost lost my photos due to my cranky computer so I didn't go any further. Stunning, beautiful and so thrilled that I was a part of this truly Magical Journey with You.
    Gorgeous book truly filled with LOVE.
    ..and with LOVE, Kim

  3. Oh how amazing- I LOVE the way you put this together; every bit as magical as our group is!

  4. Oh wow... what an amazing time I am having sitting here re-living all these journals and seeing them in their majesty. You know, I really believe we have created something truly special here between us - quick let's show Stampington!! Amazing!!!

  5. Loved the slide show Priti Lisa. What amazing journeys you all create. Excellent.:)

  6. This is AWE inspiring. I Love it set to this music Lisa. What a blessing it is for me to know you and to have taken this magical journey with you.

  7. Inspiring works of art and love, set to beautiful music. So many gorgeous details. I plan on viewing this video again and again. Very uplifting!

  8. I have only one word...AWESOME!!!

  9. Such an amazing video presentation! The beautiful music combined with so much heart felt art made it such an emotional journey! A magical reflection of a magical journey that I feel honoured to have shared with you my friend!

    Btw - how one earth did you manage to rebind all those chunky pages? I didn't think it could be done. Even when I had it it was difficult to fit into its travelling box. It rivalled (but not quite ;-) !!!) the size of my own huge journal (and was about the same in weight). You must have really sore fingers from rebinding but glad you were able to because it is a gorgeous love hymnal to treasure!
    Kat xx

  10. Oh my!! Such feeling in the music combined with the photos! I love the soft slowness of the movement ~ it was just a perfect combination. Magic all around. You are the video Queen!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ seeing all these pages again. I had to smile at Kat's comment on your sore fingers. Since I was the last to have your book and saw it in all its "chunkiness" I have to say I have NO IDEA how you managed to re-bind it!
    Thank you for leading us on this Magical Journey! Can't wait for the next one!

  11. your journal is so full of talented artists creating a book full of love and inspiration! what a treasure, and in my favorite spiritual color! the music is magnificent! I am looking up that name for a CD.

  12. What a lovely way to start my day being party to all the inspiration held together in one chunky journal, it was like opening a a musical jewelry box full of Divine treasures, thank you....
    Perhaps it could be published as a book with the music like the children's book....:~)xxx

  13. Thank you so much for providing the video. The book is truly beautiful and a wonderful treasure to hold in your hands. Love made visible.


  14. you have a special treasure, some lovely art from the art, simply divine!!!

  15. Really really beautiful Lisa! Thanks for sharing this. It is especially meaningful because I just went to San Miguel de Allende with Rebecca Brooks, and it was during the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe!

  16. dear beautiful you,
    what a gift, to share journals. to forever have the generosity and vision of your dear friends all bound up in a hymnal of love! to "see" through their eyes and always have the touch of their hands on every lovely page.
    thank you for being here shining your light, encouraging others to live straight from their hearts and believe in the healing power of creating.
    so honored to be your friend.


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