13 February 2014

happenings @ priti studio (& a give-away)

in the studio i have been working on new art journals.
this is the first cover
i liked it well enough, but
i wanted something more colorful...
and i remembered this book i've been saving for years
this book will be used in collaboration with
6 other artists

layering with tracing  paper
as i am writing this post 
outside my window it is snowing and blowing...
they are calling this a snow event 
what was wrong with the word blizzard?
we are to expect another foot or so...

i am reading a collection of stories

so many odd people and situations...reading this is a bit like being a voyeur.

i am wearing
the red robe is what i wear on top of everything else...
we used to call them house coats when i was growing up.
these days, people just over heat their homes...
i am frugal
and the pockets come in handy!
(you wouldn't believe all the stuff that's in them)

i am thankful for YOU!
thank you for reading my blog and leaving little comments to cheer me.
i would like to give this little
he(art) journal to one of you...
if you want to be part of the random choosing
please let me know in a comment below.
it is shiny metal-like...the pinkish-ness is not really there....
it is a reflection of my red robe :)
i'll choose the winner on monday...president's day.

happy valentine's day,
and hugs,


  1. Beautiful! Miss you, hope everyone is well on this bright beautiful snowy day!

  2. Not only do I love your art that hangs in my home, I love this site and find you so inspirational. Have a happy valentines!

  3. How fun to be in this collaborative art journal project. I remember my grandmother's house dresses, your red robe made me think of her, thanks for that Lisa. Sometimes it is so cold here I wear a fleece jacket and a hat indoors to stay cozy. Happy Valentine's day. I would love to be entered into your drawing, what a beautiful little heART journal:-)

  4. I would love to have your Heart, you are so kind and generous.
    Love your art. Love you. Happy Valentines Day ❤️

  5. it's fabulous!!!!!!!! i was admiring it last week while browsing on your blog. i've been meaning to get a real note to you in the mail.. i was so excited to hear from you at xmas with your new address. xmas cards never made it out this year and valentines day is now. happy day. i've been admiring your growth of ideas and materials in your art and your dedication.
    hope to connect with you again soon. barb

  6. it's fabulous!!!!! i was just admiring it last week as i was browsing your blog. i am so impressed with your
    growth as an artist and am inspired by your dedication. happy valentines day. i was so happy to get your card at xmas. my cards never made it out this year. will drop you some snail mail soon. i was happy to get your new address.

  7. Oh and Yes, I would love to be entered in your drawing. Your book cover is perfect! So are both covers back and front connected and you will just mail the entire thing together and we will add pages? I am still seeking my book, I hope to lay my hands on it this weekend. Much pretty lady in Red!

  8. You look great in that red housecoat - I just call it a gown. We do not have central heating in South Africa so one of those is an essential in winter. I just love my journal that I bought from you - I have to think of you often :D

  9. I happened upon your blog while looking for ideas for the art journal round robin I've joined. Your little book looks amazing, and I like the red house coat! :D

  10. You look quite cozy in your red house coat. I laughed at "snow event". We are having a "drought event" her in CA. Great beginning to your new collaborative project and of course I want to enter the drawing for your give away.



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