24 February 2014

monday with mary

most of my paintings are my search for my soul...
the face of god as i know her.
i paint the same face
again and again
this one of mary as a young girl,
the mary before jesus.

the soul is something both inconceivable and immeasurable to which we belong, in which we live - an intermediate dimension between our physical world and the deep unknowable ground of being...

the divine feminine

the eternal feminine is our guide - goethe

join hettienne each monday at
  path of divine love
and join with anything mary.
Cloister of the Heart

and hugs


  1. oh yes Lisa! so beautiful! thank you for joining up!! I am currently reading Anne Baring's latest book - her epoch as it were - The Dream of the Cosmos : a quest for Soul - it is a book that will probably lie next to my bed for years to come!! xxx

  2. Your Mary's are always perfect Lisa.:)

  3. I hope you realize how much I admire your talent in painting our Mary. I get to view the one I bought last year every single day and it brings me great pleasure.

  4. Love your young Mary's. Each one has an innocence unique and beautiful.
    Wonderful that Hettienne is hosting Mondays with Mary now as well.

  5. What a fascinating and beautifully curated video, I loved that! Your portraits are similar to the video - different features and expressions but somehow the same soul shines through each of them. Sending love to you x

  6. Your Mary's continue to amaze me. I treasure the Mary card you sent to me. Will have to check out the book.


  7. I think this is the most peaceful blog on the internet. I always leave here infused with love.

  8. you know I adore your work, wish we could sit and chat and go through all my divine feminine books.. are you referring to Mary or Magdalene? Just wondered ... xoxo

  9. The Divine Feminine looks like a book I might like to read. I love all the Marys' that you create whether before Jesus or after. They all have soul to me. The video shows the oneness that we are all achieving to attain in one way or another. Thanks for posting it.


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