03 February 2014

white morning with mary

outside my window it is snowing again
and everything is white
i love white
my white mary collection
all shades of white
but this snow is endless
it is hard for me not to be sad
in a winter like this one.
in my studio there is paint
did you know that oils and gesso do this?
and that makes me happy

and hugs


  1. Gosh, you are really getting the snow this year. Here, we got rain. And more rain. And even more, with cold temps. And a roof leak! Miserable winter, but surely Spring is just around the corner, right? Never mind what Phil says. He is just a groundhog. Even tho your snow might bring some sad, still your studio has lovely color that can infuse into your spirit and bring some smiles. Thanks for the tip about gesso and oils. I did not know that.

  2. Hoping you get some sunshine soon. I think the grey skies feel oppressive after awhile. Stay in the studio where you are happy.


  3. sigh... I understand having lived so long in CO and even worse... MICHIGAN.. ugh, but our winter here has been greyer than usual and we have had a ton of snow...(for here) so we understand... spring is due shortly .. and I agree there is refuge in paint!

  4. Good I didn't send you that sprig of cotton balls blooming on the vine.
    Later for that.
    Will send you some color instead.
    Remember the sun is always shining...even behind those clouds.

  5. I used to feel the same way as you about winter, but it's my favorite season now. We had 3 years here when we didn't have winter..it was summer year round, and I got mighty sick of it. No snow, no rain. Just bright, hot sun. UGH. 85F - 90F in Feb, and over 100F in May, 115F in July, and it went on and on..endlessly. I thought I was going to sweat to death, literally. We were in a serious drought, and it was scary. The rivers, lakes, and ponds disappeared. That's when I realized there are lots of things I LOVE about winter..like the sweet cold air, SNOW, wearing pants, sweaters, hoodies, lighting candles, indoor activities, and drinking hot chocolate. I missed ALL of it.

  6. winter does seem to go on and on… but I must say I'm enjoying the sparkles on the roof looking out my window right now… we can find pleasant and unpleasant in each season… in each day… in each moment… perspective always changing.

  7. Thanks for great tip. Gesso down first, oil on after it dries and how long does it take to dry and look as fabulous as the one you display? Love it. No snow here right now. Pretty at your house though.


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