03 March 2014

monday with mary

mary...morning star
queen of heaven
goddess of the sun

before and after

i have been reworking paintings...
it takes a month or 6 to see what went wrong.

you can find more pictures here.

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and hugs,


  1. Hi Lisa. Beautiful work as always and sweet Mary is always beautiful. ::hugs::

  2. I also rework my old pieces - it is amazing how one changes! I love her new sunny countenance - like the face of the Sun - soon you will have some sunshine - it is already starting to cool down here - thank goodness - it has been an incredibly hot summer! Although we have never met I often think of you. I had a marvelous day in the book store yesterday - I bought three new books to read and I thought of you :D. Thank you for playing along every week. Be blessed

  3. Dear sweet Lisa, I have been wanting to start a featured artist and blogger cameo on my blog and I have finally begun! I want to use that platform to share the work of those whom I admire and as you know, I am a great fan of your work - so you are my first feature. I have created a beautiful lacy badge (reminiscent of a holy card) which you can grab and put onto your blog. blessings Hettienne

  4. beautifully done! I would love to redo some of mine as well, but watercolors just don't work. I have been thinking I will cut them up maybe, who knows? but I also think you are too hard on your paintings, I loved this one's before picture as well

  5. Your 'Cloister of the Heart' is so imaginative. You are right about hanging paintings and re-doing about 6 months later. The great artists of yore did exactly that..especially pre Raphaelite artists. Mary is definitely improved now but also had a certain charm to her in the before. Shine on Lisa!

  6. I kept looking at the before and after and trying to decide which I like best. Hard choice. Both are beautiful. There is something about the eyes in the "before" that I'm drawn to but like the colors in the "after".



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