10 March 2014

monday with mary

a little card i made over at picmonkey.com
inspired by hettienne's post last week
{ you can find it here }

Please join us each monday at
a beautiful blog hosted by hettienne.

here is a short little slide show of a book I made as an anniversary gift.
14 years?
but it only feels like 13.

and hugs


  1. Very much like your creation, Lisa. The image of Mary reminds me of the Lady Jessica from the movie "Dunes". Your anniversary gift is straight from the heart. It doesn't get much better than that.

  2. Lisa you are a star for always turning up! A lovely idea to make an image on pic monkey - I must remember that one! Love that book - congrats on 14 years! Xxx

  3. Enchanted with your little book, Ms. Priti. Little personal books are so special. I love making them, both for myself and for others. Now, I'll have to go check out that picmonkey. Sigh....more tekkie stuff for my ol' brain to learn. Thank you for your kind comment about painting Mary. It was a process but worth it.

  4. what a totally amazing, awesome, wonderful book!!!!!

  5. Excellent as always Lisa. I always enjoy your work. ::hugs::

  6. What a perfect gift. "Our House" is one of my favorites so I was singing along with each page. I love the way you bind your books. I am using the book I got from you several years ago as an alchemical glaze record. I log in each of my glaze results when I fire my tea vessels. Very fine workmanship!


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