31 March 2014

monday with mary...

i've gone missing...
i don't know where or who i am
or why i have been feeling so disconnected
i haven't felt inspired
or excited about much of anything
i am not depressed
and have nothing to complain about
when i saw myself in the mirror
i didn't think it was me
and i thought...
these are not the clothes i wear
this is not what my hair should say
about me
this is most definitely not art from my soul
i know how the pendulum swings
as woman do...
vincent saw how women often feel
 lasts  forever
only the soul...
a new blouse 
and shoes(!)
and the sun on my head
and deadlines met!
these things
make the world go 'round!
I will dis-robe
myself this spring
lift my head from mary's lap
and become
who i should have been.

love-ing-ly linked to hettienne and friends
join us will you?

and i almost forgot to announce the winner...#5
Darla, she is yours...and on her way...


  1. LOVE this one so very much! WOW!
    You are an alchemist!!
    Beautiful hues of gold!!!

  2. Ms. Priti I have been a bit concerned about you, being gone so long. But now I know you have just been seeking that unknown woman, as women artists do.

  3. wow, this hits home with me. sometimes I see my reflection and think who is that? I'm in here but not out there...
    xx oo ~Jaime

  4. Oh I almost forgot to mention that I love your work even though it might not come from your soul. :) Maybe it's on vaca. My favorite is the face recreation of Vincent's...

  5. I read the post and was thinking it might be the time of year. March is always a blah month for me. Then I came to the end and saw that I'm the WINNER of your wonderful work! Suddenly the sun is out! Well, ok it isn't quite 5 am here but you know what I mean. Thank you so much Lisa, I await the arrival with eagerness.


  6. I feel like this from time to time and I think it's signifies that you need to discover what it is you really want to be and do instead of what has been expected. This is true for me, and I then find my art changing. I hope you enjoy finding your way again!
    Jess x

  7. From your soul or not, your work is always inspiring and amazing!
    Love this and you,

  8. You are a flower waiting with leaves turning towards the sun waiting for the blooms to burst forth..........and blossom you will with color and fragrant spirit and renewal.
    Your art inspires me so!

  9. aw, sweet woman... love you... xoxo

  10. Even if your art is not from your soul at the moment, your words are always from your heart. I recognise you.

  11. Ditto what Stephanie said. Your work always inspires. You are sunshine on a rainy day. Hugs
    Tammy ♡♥

  12. I always love your work and I always see your Priti side! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  13. Hi Lisa. I read you loud and clear. I keep saying I am going to get my haircut in "chic" and I don't. I say this and do that but guess what Lisa priti (see, I'm backwards today, lol) tomorrow is another day and we always put one foot forward and go on. That's all we can do. Sometimes the heart is heavy but we replace that heaviness with past memories of joy and happiness. You will be fine. Now smile and say thank you Gloria.:) ::hugs:: When I feel low, you tell me that too.:)

  14. p.s. Love your artistic talents and I love Vincent too, but you know that. :)

  15. Amazing how all women relate to what you experience! We have to dive deep to find the treasures and a new blouse can work wonders!!! Love to you

  16. At least you made a goal for yourself for spring. Usually when people are 'down in the dumps' it is hard to even see their way clear enough to make that goal. It's a start. Everything else will follow and yes, you already know that this will pass as it always does. Maybe you are on the verge to creating something so great and extraordinary that your soul needed this time to build up energy for it. LOL.

    1. This winter has been a real transitional time for so many. I hope that the changes you need to feel like you are just around the corner and come gently to you.
      Love and light, Beautiful Lisa !

  17. I'm all over the place too this week, but look at what we create when we are! Incredibly work as always and aren't these artists just the challenge eh? Just think how we are being stretched! I love the strong use of colour. Bold and fearless - just like you!

  18. I couldn't keep away and couldn't wait for the journal to land on my door mat....I am just too impatient and what do I find but your gorgeous vibrant art full of your gorgeousness even if you don't feel it right now. I also get a fellow friend and female life travelling companion to remind me that I am not on my own in the bumpy road of life. Hopefully, in turn you know you are also walking that path with me so cannot be alone either :-) I love the colours, the imaginative composition and of course Mary on the balcony makes me smile at that reminder of you. So I am not sad to have been impatient and ruined the surprise but instead I'm very happy I visited and today at this time was the time I 'needed' to visit due to my own journey today.
    Thank you sweetpea. So glad to be your friend.
    Kat Xx

  19. Hello beautiful Lisa :-) It's funny how we ebb and flow like the tide. Sometimes we just need to ride the wave, take care of ourselves, and wait for things to change - they will. And often after feeling disconnected from the world for a while, we come to find increased wonder in it. Sending you much love and a big hug xx


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