06 March 2014

what's going on at priti studio....

mostly i am working in journals
i am part of 2 different collaborations
the first one is an art journey
done in a particular artist's style
for my book
the covers will be worked on by all 8 artists
this is the beginning...

the other quest
has no theme...just sharing art with one another
these next pages are in Lisa Swifka's book
you can see me copying myself again
and windows...always windows

also, in my free time
i am re-working older paintings...

and painting new ones...
like this folk art heart
and starting new paintings
i really like painting wine bottles :)
i've been reading too...
quick, fun and magical
this one was a gift...still reading it and loving it
{thank you Judie}
else wise
i am
and hugs


  1. The reworked painting on your easel looks lovely, I wonder what stage this is? I love your painted faces, they look so deep and full of emotion.
    Jess xx

  2. What wonderful projects, Lisa! I love the "when I know your soul, I will paint your eyes" painting. But all of it whets my creative appetite.

  3. You've been really busy. Love all your art projects and that book looks interesting and how sweet of Judie. She is a great person. So Lisa, what are you doing on your day off? Tee hee. Have a great day.:)

  4. Such awesome pages! Wow! Both journals are so very intriguing - especially love the soul pages and the quote.

  5. I love how you paint yourself right onto your pages... a great artist does that you know! Always deep, inspiring and Priti ..
    I so love to come here. I should drink more wine.

  6. Lisa, Your wine bottles are amazing! Love the rich colors through out your work, as always and the unpainted eyes with the quote. Priti Deep. =)

  7. I loved reading Garden Spells - such a lovely book!

    Now, as for that art - Wow girl you just get better and better. Did you drink all the wine in those bottles???

  8. Hi Ms. Priti, just sticking my head in the studio door to see what's going on.

  9. I just love what your doing with those journals...just lovely. Have a great weekend, Lisa, and I'm going to put those books on my list of "must haves."

  10. It is so inspiring over here. Love everything you are doing as always. LOVE the bottles, great different shapes, colors and the light bouncing off them. MUAH!

  11. You are so busy! And inspiring, always. Love the bottles, and the colors and all of it. And I'm adding these books to my list. xox!

  12. I think your two journals are great. What fun it must be to exchange art with others. Looks like you are keeping busy.


  13. I always love looking at your art. You are such an inspiration. Makes me want to do more art. Love your book sharing idea. I"ll be back when I have time to read again. Got to get through this wedding and I think then I will get back to normal. Hopefully see you on FB too.

  14. Your journal looks beautiful here but with the pages in my hands they are even more vibrant, expressive, full of character and a magic mix of Modigliani & priti Lisa that works so well :-) Lots of practicing on scrap paper before I dare add any of my attempts to this but I am starting to get an idea of working a bit of 'me' into my approach.....but you'll just have to wait and see....
    Kat Xx

  15. What a great choice of artist for you - your style seems to combine so well with his, your work has richness and elegance and depth in common. Love your pages and the prolific painting you've been doing - I've done so little art lately, I really must try and make time! The painting of the 3 faces that you're 're-working' I actually love just as it is - I think the composition and the partially obscured faces are really beautiful xx


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