28 April 2014

monday with mary

hello dear friends! i have missed monday with mary
for a few weeks
not for lack of devotion
but because i haven't been painting
or creating my 'mary art'
and i felt i had nothing to share.
 found this chalkware mary in a little shop ☺
and then a package arrived...

full of love and art and mary and the fragrance of roses
and i realized that
living a sacred life
is sometimes just sharing...
your life, your joy, your struggles
a sacred life
is connecting
with others and the world we live in.
a sacred life is
finding happiness
and sharing it...and maybe inspiring others too.
the red ribbon acrylic on wood
because we are all connected.

thank you hettienne
for everything...
the package, the inspiration, the essence of you...
for more mary


  1. Such a wonderful package. You know all about sharing. You are one of the most sharing and caring artists I know.


  2. Beautiful chalk ware Mary that you found. I can smell the roses. Hope you are feeling better Lisa. Take care.

  3. Hettienne, like you have such an artistic talent. I am fortunate to be able to view in my own home art from both of you. Yes, we are all connected in some way.

  4. I love this painting, the faces are so beautiful. I'm glad you received your parcel because your words here echo how I'm feeling today. I shared my struggles with painting on my blog and I don't normally like to post things there that aren't happy but your words here made me realise it was the right thing to do. Thankyou Priti. xx

  5. Dearest Lisa, I am so happy to see you here today and I am so happy that the parcel arrived safely! And that you love it! Life has many ups and downs and we are so fortunate when we meet kindred souls - even if we are miles apart!! I hope those blessing seeds inspire you to many sacred ceremony and moments! i just love that chalkware!! what a find! have a wonderful week

  6. I'm so happy to see you posting again, Lisa. I was getting concerned. xo

  7. A lovely package for you, most deserving one who does connect, inspires and shares happiness with others. Your Red Ribbon painting shows those qualities also Priti.

  8. She's lovely, Lisa. It's seems like no matter how low I feel or how distracted I get, I always find time for Mary. Even if it is simple a small Holy Card. I hope, when I finally get home, that I can do more.

  9. When you find your happiness, and share it, it spills over onto me. Then I go away smiling.

  10. Ah, the Red Ribbon Ladies are fabulous, as always. Also, I absolutely love the card you received from Hettienne. Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful almost looks like a book cover. How very creative. Your reader's do care about you Lisa, be assured of that. I can just imagine how you felt when the fragrance of Rose wafted out of the beautiful package.

  11. just bella ... your package of love and what a gorgeous piece you painted on wood... the Red Ribbon... the feminine trinity.. xoxo

  12. That sharing and connection is the essence of why we are here on this planet, I think. You share so beautifully, Dear I heart.
    I have been away from blogging with life being so very busy as we plan for our big move. But I am missing the connections with sweet souls like yours so much ! Needed to pop in and visit here !
    Sending big big love to you !

  13. It's very interesting how we are connected through the internet. Amazing how we can be friends without ever meeting. I guess it's sort of like being pen pals. Thanks for making the effort to keep us all connected. It's good to know you still read my posts. Life is a crazy bunch of ups and downs. I don't think I'd want my life to be a straight line anyway. Love to catch up with you here. you always inspire me.


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