05 April 2014

starry nights and sunflowers

as it is with me sometimes
i am not entirely in this world
people say
"live in the moment!"
for me there are many moments 
all happening at once
the world is too big and scary 
to consider for too long
alone in my studio
i make and paint puzzles for me
to fit into others' art books
do you see the ear milagro dangling from vincent's bandage?
this past month i was immersed in vincent van gogh
his art
and the song don mclean wrote to honor him
working on
a collaborative art project
i was allowed to choose any of the unfinished pages
and some of the lyrics have always called to me
...since 1976
when they were playing on the radio
 in my mom's gremlin
picture credit: hooniverse.com/
 even then, the world was too big
and worrisome for me
and so
i colored pictures
and kept my nose in a book
nothing really changes, does it?
I have a novel
about vincent
his art and life
from a woman's point of view
{which i always find preferable}
if you would like me to send it to you
just let me know...
"let me go quietly on with my work;
if it is that of a madman,
well, so much the worse ~ i can't help it."
                                                 vincent van gogh


  1. I KNEW your pages would be stunning! XOXO

  2. Stark raving mad OR a heart open wide? Your angst feeds your work so beautifully. It's not easy being able to feel so much like you do. Would LOVE to read the book sometime. Vincent and Georgia O'Keeffe both taught me lessons about flowers, friendship, and art. Love you and thank you for sharing this.

  3. I love Vincent, but then you know that. I have done numerous canvas on him, his mother and other. I like that we share this in common. Yes I would like that book. I don't think I have that one. Well done paintings. Have a great week ahead. Take care dear Lisa.

  4. Oh I know that song well and what fond memories I have of it from childhood. I blogged about it once... my eccentric art teacher Mrs. Schenk who I will never forget would dance around with her flowing scarves and play this record and sing it over and over. I think I must've been about 8. Deeply imprinted.

    I know how you feel. I think we all feel so very deeply, that's why we're artists. Sometimes it's good, others not so much. It's hard to walk around with your heart hanging outside of your chest... I know too my sweet friend and I love your way. ❥

  5. Vincent is well worth spending time with. I won't ask for the book since I was just lucky enough to receive your wonderful painting. I'll check for it in the library though. Your work is wonderful as always.


  6. I love how you live and love life, Priti One.
    Sending you big squishy hugs in your cozy, creative space !

  7. What a blessing to have many wonderful books and glorious art to keep you company! Love to you x

  8. Oh, your heart is so beautiful!

  9. "For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." Van Gogh. He painted with his words too. A remarkable artist, a special soul - just like you sweet Lisa. xx

  10. I've always had a special place in my heart for Vincent. Love the work you've been doing, Lisa. xo

  11. what an amazing tribute to one of the worlds greatest human beings. i love vincent and love that song. makes me cry every time. sending congratulations

  12. Lisa dear Lisa, you always prick my heart. It would not matter if it was Vincent or Picasso, you always do justice to your subject with your beautiful work. I love the portraits, all stunning and amazing, and the song is such a nice touch. I love that someone else feels the world is too big, like a whale ready to swallow you up. My place of calm and reconnecting is always in my studio where I wish I could always be... Lovely work as always Priti one. XOXO


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