03 May 2014

happenings @ priti studio

while i was in my slump...
not blogging, not painting,...
just wanting to stay in bed and read {which i did do}
 I was also *doing*
in between the rain drops
i started on some work for our garden.
i unearthed my collection of old doors from the garage
and sanded and painted
and spilled
and got some help with planting fence posts
and this is the beginning of my rosary garden
then i started painting our old pots
♪♫♪♫because paint makes everything new again ♪♫♪♫
watch out mr.table! you're next!
and then...
candle holders and old ornaments make pretty
little gazing balls
buddha is laughing now...he thinks he is safe from crazy paint woman~ha!
and then i remembered the neighbors throwing away a board with ridges...
hand me my saw and paint!
a magical fairy door!
dear walnut tree said she didn't mind so very much
it will be ever so fun to help the fairies with their front garden
but they must do all of the inside chores themselves
that goes for the birdies too!
and i almost forgot the 6 trees leo planted on earth day...
3 of these wee cypress on each side of the house
I am hoping the will grow together quickly and make our backyard more cozy
it is such a large space
and this is only our second year here...
so many projects
 so much work ahead to make everything
did you see the pink full moon?
it was shining brighter than the sun at sunrise
pink full moon 15 april

mr. sun back in february
this past week i spent indoors because of the april showers
and because i had 2 art journals due may 1st
i will show all that art work in another post
it feels like i have put you through quite enough
for one day ☺


  1. Oh no! Not "enough", we want more!!!
    I so love your paint colors, those doors are incredible!
    I love your yard, it's looking wonderful with the new trees...the bird house...the fairy door, inspired!
    My gardens need a lot of weed-pulling and pruning. And I should look for something to paint! So much to do outside.

  2. Oh awesome doors Lisa. They look wonderful.. You are so creative. Glad you are getting back your creativity and sense of well being.

  3. Forgot!! Lots of hugs to you mi Amiga.

  4. Hi Lisa!

    Those doors looks like they will be a bright and happy background for your rosary garden. Vey intrigued to see what you will do next!

    Love the treats for the fairies and birdies!

  5. All of your doors are AWESOME. Especially love the Fairy door. So Cool!
    Remember to leave sparkling things in your garden for the fairies love them.
    The Cypress trees will make a lovely grove in your yard.
    Life is good!

  6. Fantastic! I do so love that fairy door. BTW, I recently sent you a note and I'm wondering if I used your old address. Probably.


  7. I thought I commented yesterday. Maybe my comment slipped through the fairy door. I like doors and yours are fantastically colorful.


  8. Fairy door to fence doors- I love them all! This was a fun and inspirational post Lisa!

  9. Always such a pleasure to stop by. You have inspired me with that little fairy door since I have been gardening non stop lately.

  10. Sweet Lisa, Today I felt plumpy and dumpy and slumpy, a kick the can sort of day... and then I saw your book, your doors, your pot, your buddha, your birdhouse, your trees, and your little fairy door and now I am not ...umpy anymore!
    I can always count on YOU!

  11. oh my goodness, so much to see since I was here last... i love these doors, and the fairy doors, and all your latest paintings!!!!! the list goes on and on... i think i'll go back now and look at it all again!!!

  12. I will follow this with great interest, for I don't know how to make a rosary garden. I am intrigued.


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