05 May 2014

monday with mary

the queen of heaven 
and yet
so deeply and mysteriously human
she is also called queen of earth
i call her mary
she is the bridge between
my human existence 
and the divine.
I hold her light inside me
her purity,
her understanding,
her gentleness
they are alive in me too.
she is my intuition.
this past week i had the honor of working
in a very beautiful, magical book....
i called it a tome
so large and heavy
organic and spiritual at once
mary the earth goddess 

keeping the sun's light through the night
the moon
like mary
a gentle reflection
of love's burning energy.
mary the moon goddess
i want to thank my dear readers of this blog...
your devotion means 
so very much to me.
love, lisa


  1. That looks like a great book Lisa. Very nice. Hope you are feeling better and I love your descriptions of Mary. ::hugs::

  2. OH MY GOODNESS..........you astound me at every turn dear Lisa with your art and your heart. These pages are magical and amazing. You have a gift my friend that I am sincerely in AWE of!!!

  3. Your intuition manifested beautifully. You speak and paint the truth. How could we not be devoted? Also love the words from The Book of Qualities....sometimes we forget the human Mary. xx

  4. The books you work in must be treasures. I enjoyed the writing from The Book of Qualities, will have to look for the book at the library.


  5. Hauntingly beautiful. Your original art in this book sits on my art table now, even more beautiful in reality. I keep looking into the eyes of these awesome faces, and each time I am able to draw forth a spiritual feeling. The connection is unreal.

  6. I adore the moon goddess!
    So beautiful!

  7. Beautiful pages full of spiritual beauty that you always manage to bring to life with your gorgeous art - so full of love. Love your backgrounds, so full of depth and nature.
    By the way...love you too :-)
    Kat Xx

  8. I can only imagine how beautiful this looks in person, Lisa. Amazing work, as always. xo

  9. Very lovely devotionals to the goddess... Did you know that 'Mare' is the name of the sea in some ancient languages, the sea also representing the waters of the womb... I love how it all connects together, don't you?

  10. Dear Lisa, how did I miss this post??? I came by today and was mightily surprised and so happy to see the entire painting - I only saw some of it on Facebook - a wonderful week to you!!

  11. How your Art inspires, the colors, the textures, the love you put into those pages. I live what you are creating in this chunky book.

  12. Beautiful. Outstanding. Real. Soulful. Heartfelt. Goosebumps.
    I always expect this from your work!

  13. Lisa, I hope the light is creeping it's way into your heart today! I give myself permission to feel even when I don't want too.
    Sometimes the most amazing things come from the depths of our emotions.
    Just waving from afar but not in distance!
    Hugs and love


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