26 May 2014

monday with mary

a few days without rain
and everything is luscious and glittering like emeralds...
 this was the first morning i was able to use my new rosary garden...
and it works!
each stepping stone
is an ave maria

then, to sit on the bench
and hear the birds
and listen to my own thoughts
and watch the flowers stretch.
this spot was an abandoned garden
with thigh-high weeds last year...
lots of what you see was re-purposed 
from my endless supply of 'treasures' 
or found while digging in the yard.
the bricks for the pedestal,
the arbor,
Our Lady of Guadalupe,
the old doors for the wall.
the bench is new
and some of the flowers too.
this garden will change a lot
in the next weeks...
{there are sprouts underground waiting}
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼
i've also finished a painting...
a movie of my process 
is coming soon.


  1. Oh you've done an excellent job Lisa! It just looks perfect. I can't wait to see it flush out into lushy goodness :) I've been gardening instead of doing anything else for quite a while now, and can barely walk. haha... back at it today! I LOVE your painting!! You're such a doll.

  2. Oh My I love this prayer garden. What a great idea, if you have the space. Were all the doors found on your property? You have been busy and such an inspiration too.

  3. Oh Lisa that came out sooooo beautiful and well thought out! I LOVE the use of the doors and it has inspired me for something in our yard (which is in dire need). AND oh that painting...........you truly, without a doubt are awe inspiring.....I think I have run out of approriate adjectives for your art! XOXOXOXO

  4. How beautiful. I imagine it is lovely @ dawn and dusk and in different times of sunlight and shade. Beautiful Mary altar, doors, colors, symbolism, Ave Maria stepping stones. May you find spirit, inspiration and peace in your sacred garden. xx

  5. I love it and with that I'm starting to see the real person you are Lisa without Deb even telling me.......you are truly an artist and I love your works

  6. Your garden is going to be awesome when it gets filled in. The birdies and other creatures will be right there with you, adoring Mary. I cant wait to see that painting! Hurry! :)

  7. Love it Lisa. Well planned out and beautiful colors as well.:)

  8. Fantastic!! How gorgeous it is, and once the perennials are established it will be even more beautiful. So intriguing it will be to watch the changes with the seasons and the cycles of the plants, shade and sun.

  9. What a beautiful garden. I can imagine myself walking out there in the early morning just to sit and breathe. You've created such a peaceful spot.


  10. you look so utterly adorable in that picture next to your masterpiece. i always delight in remembering to stop by. thank you for all the recent videos. i love the one of the dog on the wooden plank.


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