28 May 2014

the art of surrendering

to surrender
does not mean to give up.
for me,
it is about finding the grace and the strength within
to try a different way...
a different way of seeing,
and then,
letting go of the outcome
and expecting the best.

sometimes surrendering is so difficult,
it gets easier each time.
especially because
the rewards,
they are worth every tear.

i have made a video of my latest painting 
for you...a lesson of mine
to share.


  1. I came by earlier and left speechless. Your art and surrender touched me. Love that you trust the process.
    Came back to let you know that. xx

  2. OMGoddess how gorgeous is that? Your work.. Your words, the video.. Your intention.. You are so talented.. My friend and I send you hugs and kisses! XXOO

  3. This is a lovely painting, and I really enjoyed seeing the layers as they built one upon the other. Thanks for sharing!

  4. How fabulous and exciting. Thank you for creating this amazing video featuring what probably is my favorite painting of yours yet. Love the cracks in her face showing 'wear and tear' and the background is so rich in texture. Music for video seems to fit perfectly as does showing the room where your painting hangs-even small details like zooming in on your cat add to the ambiance.

  5. Awesome work, Priti, as always. I have come to expect nothing less of your art. You have completely surrendered to your talents and your joy in doing so shows in your beautiful, haunting work. The "old masters" would be envious of this new master.

  6. Seeing your process like this is amazing. Each step added more to the piece, and it turned out to be so beautiful. I've had a week of surrendering, also. It's hard sometimes to let go of being set in your ways, and try something new. It always surprises me when I'm able to do it just how much richer my life gets. Here's to surrendering!!

  7. Thankyou Lisa for this wonderful and inspiring post. Your words really resonate with me and I loved watching your painting come to life in the video. Her eyes are so soulful and deep. I can see so much depth in this painting.
    Have a lovely week.
    Jess xx

  8. Surrender is a wonderful work. I really enjoyed watching the video and seeing your process. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Very inspiring.


  9. I am always in awe of your work Lisa. The very word Surrender is so powerful. I struggle with it all the time. We deny and fight it mostly because we have blinders on. Isn't funny that once we "surrender", we most always are taken to new height or direction that we just couldn't see before. Beautiful as always!

  10. How beautiful your painting is, Lisa. So very beautiful.
    This spring has been a lot about letting go for me. Yes, there are tears and moments of weakness where it feel so painful. But when the surrender happens, a grace fills you up. Loving living letting go...that us our purpose I think.
    Sending big, big love to you, Beautiful One.

  11. I think this lady is one of your most beautiful. Stunning painting that evokes passion. I love its vibrancy & beauty. Your words on surrendering are inspiring & wonderfully written. I wish that your surrendering soothes your soul & ignites joy in your heart.
    Huge Hugs
    Kat xx

  12. FANTASTIC video, so inspiring. Feeling honored to have one of your shrines Lisa...


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