30 June 2014

an artist's view

it is sunday night as i write
of my week with my artwork.
there is no video.
there were no pictures taken
in the moments of digging through rubbish,
the sawing, constructing and painting of the frame
which would become the heart
of this artwork.
sometimes i am not sure of the how or the why
i do know that this one
made me someone
i only had caught a glimpse of before.
i like building my own canvas
as much as i like painting
upon it.
i love scavenging through my own collection
of scavenged objects 
to find what wasn't there before.
my art-ly-ness.

real art
cannot be reproduced or diminished
we are real people
with real voices,
real instruments,
real energy,
and real anguish.
we stand with our hearts in our hands
'this is me, please love me'
we are 
a heart, a soul, a memory
we are human.
humans expressing the godliness we all have in common.
the point
of life is to find your way home,
to wrap yourself in love
to become
ever you
ever you!
however crazy it seems 
the grandness of life is found in the arts...
dance, sing, write choreography, poems and books,
paint and dream of possibilities,
stand for peace and love,
live life and
love it!
{and each other}

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  1. Your process, as always, is so interesting. I'd love to watch you digging through your collection of things. Choosing and discarding. The painting is lovely.


  2. Her reverent eyes remind me of the virgin from beneath.
    She reappeared in a frame suitable for her shine.

  3. Once again Lisa, a wonderful work of Mary. She looks grand hanging just above your light switch. I remember that this is the pose you started with on another great piece. I guess she wanted you to wait for the right framework.

  4. Lisa - This is lovely. Thank you agreeing to "play" in the virtual blog tour. I love your writing as well - wonderful and thoughtful!


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