21 June 2014

beneath the surface {a video}

just me sharing a new painting...
while rooting around in the garage
I found a stone-like slab
perfect for painting on...so i did!
and i made a video for you...
look at the difference between 
my sketch
and the final painting!
i am so glad i documented it...pretty much the way i work.
she is for sale here
and the video is below,


  1. Lisa , this is fantastic... a beautiful painting Lisa . Love seeing how it came about . Your videos are so much fun to watch . Wish I could HEAR your words throughout the process too { ha ha } . It takes so much courage and belief to keep going . Why do we do this ?It's crazy , it's so addictive, frustrating and challenging .... and then .... it's DONE ! and then we have satisfaction and peace . Beautiful work Lisa

  2. Aaaiiieee! Why did you do that? The first one was so lovely looking slightly down as if in silent, peaceful prayer. But she disappeared to give way to her sister who is just as lovely. Sister is smirking...she knows what you did! :)

  3. She's beautiful. I loved watching your process. I've never used black gesso so I also learned something new. Years ago I painted a lot of garden women on slate. They lasted beautifully for about 8 years but are now peeling, even though I used a very expensive stone sealer. I just wanted to warn you to put something to preserve on top that will last. Maybe you already have. May I ask what you used? Love your new slideshow series, coincidenally, I'm doing that too for however long they last before I get bored.

  4. I really enjoy the video's you have been making. The stone is a great canvas. What lies underneath looks so interesting. Of course the finished painting is wonderful too.


  5. so enjoyed watching this video, you are such a talented artist Lisa and I am grateful to own several pieces of your art! Nora

  6. It looks as though you sacrificed a virgin here...hbc
    Her replacement may not be as innocent
    but she is gorgeous and sacred in her wisdom.
    Beautiful work Priti.


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