09 June 2014

honoring o'keefe and chagall

I was getting ready to show my pages in our
collaborative art journal
when i realized
i never posted last month's yet.
{what in the world is wrong with me?}
last month was georgia o'keefe
in gemma's book
georgia loved to slow life down
and focus in on a small part of a flower
and paint it large.
i was excited to try that technique with a rose.
for the next page I went back to my comfort zone
and painted a portrait of georgia in her room.
the poem, i thought, just matched so perfectly...
and i never send a book without a quote page
the covers of each book are the place where
we each, all 8, work together
and this is my offering...
using up some felt letters
and doodling flower shapes between other's work.
this past month was all about chagall.
stephanie's book is shaped like a house
for the first page
i painted a madonna
and then a spread with a quote...
and then,
remembering chagall's beautiful stained glass work...
and a house-shaped tag
~marc chagall
and then a pair of faces for the cover
being a part of this group has really been challenging...
learning about new artists
and working in their style has been both difficult 
and rewarding.
it is always good to stretch your wings
and fly in a new direction.


  1. Wonderful book, your entries are great. When you stretch those wings of yours magic happens.


  2. Wow Lisa these are stunning.
    The beautiful words you chose and your art honor both of these artists.
    You can fly lady.

  3. I've been lucky enough to see your Georgia O'Keeffe paintings and examine them close up :-) I love your Chagall painting, so full of vibrant colour and glorious imagination. Your Madonna/Mary and child paintings are always wonderful and full of you. My favourite though has to be the man with the paint brush holding onto a mermaid who is flying. So fabulous. I love his facial expression, the fact his paintbrush has angelic wings and the mermaid with her bow tied hair is so pretty. I adore the House shaped pages Stephanie has chosen for her journal - they increase the sense of fantasy and imagination. I shall have to get thinking on my Chagall pages ready for when I get to host Stephanie's journal. I can see this is going to be another huge challenge to my painting skills (or lack thereof) but I do have a strong imagination & love of fantasy so I think Chagall and me should get on well ;-)
    Kat Xx

  4. Oh what a pleasant surprise to begin my day with! I LOVE your O'Keeffe portrait, and the rose and the quote- what an incredible entry- I also love that you used a Stieglitz image for inspiration! And then as I scrolled down....my heart stopped, when I saw your pages for me- the Madonna and the stained glass and the quote and the tag- WOW, WOW, WOW! Thank you SO much!

  5. Quite honestly, you had me at the "Dog Painting"! It is such a blessing to be in this journal group with artists that I so admire and appreciate. It is always the sunshine in my day to see your journal pages. These are each just outstanding. I adore the Georgia painting and poem and each one that follows is equally brilliant, to the very end one of my favorites , the two faces. Bravo again, sweet friend, you never fail!

  6. I don't know why I am so late in visiting, not only here, but everywhere!! I'm so glad I didn't miss this post permanently! Love love love your Georgia and Chagall pages <3 <3 <3 Your soulful painting of Georgia is amazing, but I can't say I'm surprised!! You are so good. You have nailed Chagall's work as well. So wonderful and bright and Chagall-like.

    So so sorry I'm late getting you Duy Huynh (I have to look up his name every time I type it, and forget pronouncing it! But his art is so amazing that I've been struggling to capture his style). It will go in the mail on Monday for sure. :-(


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