09 July 2014

an abundance of art!

i have tons of work to show
all done in art journal collaborations...
{which; i am realizing takes a lot of time}
for me, 
each book is the essence of the person
and i wish to compliment and hug each of my friends
with the work i put in their books.
and so,
i start with a "buffer" page
it takes me forever to do what i feel in my heart.
add to that
and wonky pages underneath...aarghhh!
where shall i start?
at the beginning of where i left off, i suppose,
without too much commentary.
tracy dove~love
and that all started with the jimi USPS stamps and a funky dollar bill
and a question
answered by william strafford

and then, by priti lisa ...that's me!
do you see those stamps?!? click on the picture :)
don't bother to read what i wrote...i forgot to write down my favorite line...
about the rusty halos! sheesh!
but i am not done sheesh-ing myself...
priti~bird! but her feet!!!
i didn't finish painting her feet!
i didn't notice until i was loading these pictures to my blog!
sorry judie...i am so ashamed.

i am also ashamed to tell you...
{i cannot mimic living artists}
...at least not on purpose
i was to be inspired by anahata katkin
at least i tried to capture her warmth, her humor, her colors
{do you notice the 8 in her right eye?}
it is carved in there; to represent the eight of us.
this artwork doesn't look like anahata's
or mine
but it does look like a million other's,
don't you agree?
i wasn't "out of my comfort zone"
i don't have
the confidence or the feeling of
"yeah, i've got this"
i haven't reached my comfort zone yet...
sometimes i think
challenges like this
are just avoidance,
you know?

love and love. 
ps: sorry. i lied.
that was a lot of commentary.


  1. As usual..very cool art reflecting your soul. I spotted the 8 right away-nice touch.

  2. Oh my gosh, Lisa --- this post was so much fun to read! What a visual feast!

  3. Wow Lisa, you've been a busy girl creating so much beautiful art! I adore that priti-bird, such a pretty plumage gorgeously created & I didn't notice anything wrong with the feet! I think your Ana pages are vibrantly beautiful, you're too hard on yourself, I know they will be treasured! Hugs, Kat xx

  4. You are an inspiration with your always excellent and prolific work. LOVE.

  5. You put so much work and so much of yourself into these journals. Amazing stuff. I have to find some of those JH stamps thats for sure.



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