27 July 2014

art blocks!

{remember to click the pictures}

what a busy summer...time whizzing by
lots of things accomplished
so many still to do.
we got new windows in the sun-room
so naturally, i needed to repaint.

and build a kitty-shelf

this is the room where i take my pictures, write my blog...
i have a collection of art blocks
and hung them in the skinny places
between the windows.
 and that reminded me...
i love to make them too

a holy man once told me
the most powerful prayer is
veni, sancte sprititus
(come, holy spirit)

in latin, spiritus has two meanings:


and breath.
{these 3 are all for sale in my shop}
i was remembering how much fun it is to give...
and i made 3 wee blocks
if you are on facebook
like my art page (please :))
and comment there 
or here on my blog...
i will choose 3 random winners on thursday.

other things i have been doing with my paintbrushes...
changing an angel into a barber pole
and re-making a bench for the barber shop
i also learned how to hold a wine glass with my feet...
a paintbrush is next!
have the best day
you possibly can!

ps: there are "new" books in my free library ♥


  1. What at cheerful post to wake up to this morning Lisa. Love the blocks (wow) Sunroom is wonderful and bright and I laughed at the toe holding wine maiden. An artist friend of mine was in an accident and must hold his brush in his mouth to paint. His work is great but his soul is even greater.

  2. What I want to know is...Could you actually drink the wine while holding between your toes?? HBC That paints a picture. I already like your art page and your amazing spiritus. Awesome good stuff here.

  3. You are making amazing use of this summer time, Lisa! Everything is looking so bright and fresh. And your block? Sigh...so beautiful.
    Sending you big buckets of love and light, Dear Heart!

  4. What a great room with wonderful light. I'm off to looks at your FB page and the new free books of course.


  5. Just making my rounds and LOVE Art whether its on a door or a block. The blocks however, are stunning!
    Maybe our group aside from your journal round should do a block trade. I would love to have a block from each of you and perhaps send them at the end of the year. Just a thought... Love and sparkles!


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