18 August 2014

happening at Priti Studio & a video

these past few weeks have been a painters dream...
the weather is mostly cool and not humid'
the kind of weather that makes you feel torn
between being outside
and being in the studio.

i made a video showing the progression of 2 paintings...
but i have 3 new to show you
maria inspired by the style of el greco 
st. bernadette inspired by herself...
she was the first saint to be photographed
and i tried to paint her as a tinted b&w photo.
this painting was just from my own head.
she could be a saint with no name...
a guardian...
a survivor...
there is a lot of symbolism here
and the background makes me happy too☺
all of these paintings are hanging in my shop.

pooh edward has been busy too...
letting me know
this painting isn't finished
and just being cute
and then the joys of cooking from the garden:
                     pesto pizza                     &                                  veggie-balls with spicy sauce  pizza                                    

and guess who is starting beauty school...
i am so proud of mia! dance teacher/beauty maker!!!
Love, Lisa


  1. You have been beautifully busy. Wonderful art and delicious looking food. Congratulations to your Mia as she starts her new adventure. You must be so proud of her - and you have every right to be.


  2. Awesome that Mia is starting beauty school. A career she will have. Love your paintings and your veggies food looks good too. You've been a busy little bee. Very nice work Lisa, you just keep getting better and better. Have a wonderful week. ::hugs::

  3. Lisa, thank you for sharing your expertise in painting the absolutely lovely saints. Your style has changed over the years and I love the new you. Both saints just resonate love, mercy and reverence. You've inspired me to pick up my paintbrush again. Congrats to Mia.

  4. I came back to watch your videos and truly enjoyed all your very hard work in capturing all the detail that went into your paintings. Just awesome Lisa. Thank you for sharing. I wish I knew how to do videos. I may have to put that on my to do list. Thank you.

  5. Ah, these womanly souls who travel through you...so magical.
    Glad the summer is treating you with delights, Lovely One !

  6. I'm in love with Maria, she seems a gentle beautiful soul. I also love the fairy door at the bottom of the tree its fab!! The Cornish piskies that live in my garden would love such a door! Great video. Congrats to Mia :-) hugs Kat xx

  7. Awesome! I am looking forward to summer! The first Maria's veil and lace collar is so so beautiful! And I just love that painting of st Bernadette. I am soon off to Lordes, Chartres and Loreto and hope to return with lots of inspiration! I read Suva lovely book which I think you will enjoy - it includes a herb and veg rosary garden :,Through the wild heart of Mary by Gail Faith Edwards - she is of Italian descent! E blessed

  8. Fabulous work Lisa. LOVE it all you know. Pooh E. obviously is a useful assistant. Glad you stopped to eat.
    Great news about Mia too. She'll probably be good at everything like her mama.

  9. So beautiful, all three! Love the background on the third. And that pesto pizza looks like a masterpiece in itself!

  10. Awesome work Lisa. I especially like the one with the ribbon. It is different, and the expression on the face is sort of yours. Must be your muse moving your brush. I have been having a problem with Google devouring my comments. I've noticed it on other blogs too. Geesh! But I HAVE been visiting! :)

  11. what a powerful painting of survivor! i think this should be pursued further. i so love stopping by to see what you are up to.


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