04 September 2014

art books, a garage, a UFO and Dream ON!

here i am getting ready to write about my work in the collaborative art book for the month
and realized i haven't even shown last month's...why can i not keep up??? anyway,
the first book i'll show is inspired by the artist duy huynh.
tammy also chose a theme for her book, dreams. that was helpful, because duy huynh is a tough act!
the biggest difficulty for me was leaving so much "empty"space. i didn't succeed on this page, but it did inspire the painting i showed you last week. I did a little better on the next page...
and then i did a little card for tammy while 'dream on' played in a constant loop in my head.
i did a page of the lyrics, just because, but i didn't bother to take a picture apparently.
it was easy to have empty space on the cover, as i was the first to add to the painted background ☺
then, last week i painted the garage
the whole entire thing, even the door and the rain barrel...phew!
after that, i got started on lisa 'wright stuff" 's book inspired by matisse.
i tried ink line-drawing, still life and portraits with pattered backgrounds and without patterns...
 and then some paper-outs on the booklet and cover
 AND then!...there was a UFO sighting...i don't know if you saw it on the news, but here is the link to the ABC coverage: UFO in Pennsylvania
and the next day, in our yard this mysterious 'crop circle' appeared
i am not even joking! i feel blessed to know they are happy about our chem-free lawn. what do you think? i like to think of these visitors as angels or guides...whatever they are, i am sure it is all for the good.
that's it for me,
 but before you click me off, here's a short version of 
dream until your dream comes true!
at 64 steven tyler still has it goin'on!


  1. Oh Wow!! Steven Tyler gave me the biggest goose bumps that I haven't felt in a very long time. Oh man he really had me going. Whew!! Thanks for that Lisa. Your work as always is awesome, love your Frida, I love them all. Perfecto!! I believe in other beings and how lucky you are to have seen a UFO. I'm always looking out the window and wishing they would come to visit me or to take me back with them.:) Great work!

  2. Great catch up post. Thanks for the link to Duy Huynh, new to me. You captured the Matisse style so well. And you painted the garage? I don't know. You have been PRITI busy. Are you sure you didn't get some help from those aliens?


  3. ...We get UFO's here in Az. too. I've heard that when you get abducted by aliens they "make you forget it" So if you don't remember getting abducted by an alien you probably have been. HBC!!! LOVE everything here.

  4. Where was I when all this UFO stuff was happening?!? I totally missed it. Maybe I was abducted and forgot the whole thing, like Gemma said. lol. Very strange circle in your lawn also.

    I'm behind by 2 blog posts too, trying to hurry up. You have awesomely done both Duy Huynh and Matisse. I have your journal now! You will love the pages in it and will see it soon!

    You did a wonderful job on your garage. I don't have a huge project like that to explain why I am behind. I don't even HAVE a garage (reminds me of a song). Have you ever thought about turning that into an art studio? It looks like a perfect little (or not so little) art-place.

  5. Gorgeous, I love everything you've done here! I had a hard time with all the negative space via Duy Huynh too- LOVE how you conquered it and your addition to the cover was genius! And that bed in hand....loved that too, plus your Priti face- and your Priti moon is amazing! And then your take on Matisse was AWEsome! Love how you incorporated his color and pattern into your own style the perfect combination of Priti-ness and Matisse.
    Your garage looks great too- have you been combating the "Empty nest syndrome" with lots of home projects like me?

  6. Priti gorgeous! ;) I'm just like you Lisa, why can I not keep up! (and be on time, be organized, etc. etc.) I've already checked out your garage on FB. You did a fabulous job. coming over to Indiana next? I need quite a few things painted..

    I have a very strange thing happen to me once, and I had witnesses although they just blew it off. I on the other hand went berserk trying to figure out what happened. Myself, my mother in law and my husband were coming back to our home from eating out one night and it was pitch black out. we have no dusk to dawn light or street lights. We were all making our way to the house from the garage by following the one light in the window I keep on. When all of a sudden a bright light from behind us flashed like a gigantic photo flash. It wasn't lightning, the sky was clear and we have no neighbors at all. It was like there was something high up in the trees behind us and it flashed us. I still to this day have no explanation and it's never happened again.

  7. I am lucky to have seen your gorgeous Duy Huynh paintings in real life! (I'm not even allowing myself to open the package with Lisa's journal until I've completed Duy Huynh).I went through the journal with my god-daughter who is 9 and loves all things imaginative and fantasy so Tammy's Duy Huynh was a pleasure for us both. We love your priti.moon and created stories about the fanastic painting of the hand holding the sleeping girl in bed. Thanks for inspiring us both!!
    Your garage is a very grand garage - I don't see beautiful garages like that in the UK. Is it an American thing or just your beautiful self? Is the gorgeous porch at the back of the garage? All these photos make me want to come and visit even more! Now we can come to also visit your alien crop circle - what fun we'd have. I so need to win the lottery and then get us all plane tickets etc so that we can have a big meet up and creative retreat together. Wouldn't that be amazing?
    Kat xx

  8. I'm glad you posted the link to the UFO sighting in Pa. I am, and always have been a believer of extraterrestrials. I think the universe is teaming with life, many more advanced than we are. I am always amazed how the media makes little jokes and smiles and makes light of these sightings, like it's some sort of a funny little joke. Nice post, as always.

  9. Yeah, Steven does, doesn't he? Wow, your own crop circle. You must be blessed. Goodness, you have been way too busy. I miss your new Marys. I'll wait! Um, my house needs a final coat...could you come next week? xoxo


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