19 October 2014

after the party...and art journal pages

last sunday we hosted the first
art & wine occasion in our home.
you may remember the state of my art studio in my last post,
but, of course i had it as tidy as possible by sunday.

this is the last picture my camera took...it then decided to expire.

i think it went well, but being a person that spends 80% of her time alone,
i was totally over-whelmed and it will be a very long time
before something like that happens again.
{like maybe never}
i mean, there were a ka-jillion people here...all talking!
i had been concerned about talking to strangers
and explaining my artwork, but, 
quite honestly, most seemed more interested in the wine
and talking about themselves,
it wasn't all bad,
i did meet 6 people that i wouldn't mind seeing again. ☺
{and as a grateful aside...i did sell a few pieces}
luckily, before my camera broke, 
i took pictures of my pages in the last journal for this year...
my friend (wright story) kat's journal,
which focused on the artwork of jennifer judd mcgee.
jennifer is a living artist, so i had to be extra careful
not to copy her work,
but to be inspired by her.
this page is a wine box...the colors and the illustration reminded me of jennifer's art
and so why not? i even reused the circle-bit to make a secret
window for a hidden message.
and the cardboard was perfect for sewing this little sampler on the reverse side.
i am not sure if jennifer's art includes sewing, but i know kat's does.
fabric-collage, flowers and love ♥
little wooden flowers found at the charity shop let me get out my beloved
wood-burning tool...a print of one of my first painted faces (mia)
 and a few of ee cummings words.
jennifer does beautiful paper-cut quotes
so i tried my hand at it ☺
for the collaborative book cover, i added some
flower shapes i did with my spirograph

remember the spirograph? invented in 1965 it is almost as old as i am!
it was one of my very favorite 'toys'
i am out of pictures,
so i guess i should be out of words too.
i'll be back when i have a new camera...
because, i have finally have been coming back to myself
{and messing up my art studio again}
love to all ♥


  1. I've missed your presence a great deal!
    Sounds like your Studio event was well attended but I understand your being overwhelmed as I am alone during the day just doing my thing. At least you did it!
    I would have been enthralled to walk around your studio, see your art up close and marinate in all its greatness - and of course be able to chat with you over a glass of wine.
    I hope you'll be around more now!

  2. Your studio looks really awesome. Love the light coming in the window.
    Your McGee inspired work on Kat's book is wonderful...and the paper cut just Wow!
    You never cease to amaze me. Hope you got an excellent new camera because I LOVE seeing all the
    Priti things you make.

  3. love you back! oh my such courage, a studio tour... that is very brave my dear... much braver than I am... just a a few peeps in my studio makes me itchy... LOL.. for some reason, a show is different. your studio looks great and your work is gorgeous... and congrats on the sales.. that is the point after all... all those babies finding new homes to go to... xoxoxoxo

  4. Sounds like the party was a success. Your studio has wonderful light and of course seeing all your work together is amazing. Good job! Once you've done it then doing it again won't be so hard. Enjoyed your pages too.


  5. Since I spend the biggest percentage of my time alone also, I cannot imagine a kajillion people here all....TALKING.....lol so funny the way you put it. Well, now you have at least six new friends and probably lots more you haven't figured out yet, and selling some of your art is always worth a few hours of all that TALKING....isn't it? LOVE visiting here. :)

  6. Congrats on making sales. :) You are so brave. I don't think I would like people in my space. I, like you, spend most of my time alone, so I couldn't handle all the chatter either.


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